The ZET Foundation

ZET FoundationThe ZET Foundation
Professor of management systems and the most cited Czech economist Milan Zeleny
has decided to establish the ZET Foundation. The ZET Foundation will be founded
in order to develop the national and international entrepreneurship with the goal of developing national, regional and local ownership, decision making, autonomy and self-sufficiency in order to increase the competitiveness of Czech and Czech-related companies as well as companies in USA, China, and other transforming economies.

The economist Milan Zeleny is preparing
the ZET Foundation, for the development of national and international entrepreneurship in transforming economies

The ZET Foundation invites association of mutually beneficial cooperation with kindred companies, educational institutions and local and regional self-government, cities and communities. The purpose of an effective working association and sharing is to bring benefit and strength to all participating parties: the more successful is the individual, institution or region, the stronger becomes the ZET Foundation and its support and assistance
in entrepreneurial, educational and socio-cultural flourishing of local
and regional the world over.

The ZET Foundation purposes

The purposes of the Foundation, which will be established in conformity with the public benefits are:
1. The development of projects aimed at the renewal of national entrepreneurship, creating innovative business culture and the development of original products, services, and complex business models in all areas of business.
2. The development of regions via active cooperation of regional enterprises, local governments and universities with the aim of achieving their synergy, autonomy and independence.
3. The development of Czech enterprises and entrepreneurs in the area of complex systems of corporate governance, decision making and strategic thinking, in terms of the principles of the Bata Management System, i.e. autonomy and self-sufficiency in order to increase global and local competitiveness.
4. The development of schools and their educational programs in the areas of regional development, corporate management and effective self-government, rooted in the principles of the Bata Management System.
5. The development of Entrepreneurial university through the innovative strategy of the region, which is directly involved in the formation of new companies as the basic „carriers“ and users of entrepreneurial knowledge. The network of entrepreneurial universities is directly involved in the generation of employment, knowledge and development of the region. Such universities not only teach, but also actively do business themselves and produce not only the graduates, but also the firms, in which the graduates remain active.
6. The development of students through the study of educational programs and practical realization of original world-class business plans.
The ZET Foundation is registered in the Czech Republic. Through direct branches or collaborative associations with local groups, companies and institutions, the Foundation is building up its presence also in the USA, China, Brazil, India, Japan, Singapore, and others.