Can You Request a DoorDash Driver?

Have you ever had a DoorDash order that was especially spectacular? Perhaps your driver was courteous, arrived quickly, and managed to get your order exactly right. If so, you may be tempted to try and book them for future orders – but unfortunately it doesn’t work quite like that!

DoorDash does not allow customers to choose their own driver. There is still an element of surprise when you place an order as DoorDash assigns drivers based on availability – regardless of the experience you may have had with the last one.

Can You Request a DoorDash Driver

When it comes to requesting a specific DoorDash driver, it seems like the answer is no. However, DoorDash and their delivery drivers prioritize providing the best service possible.

This means that even though you may not be able to choose your driver, they are still going to do their best to ensure your order arrives on time and in great condition. Plus, at the end of your delivery, you have the option to rate your Dasher so that Doordash can continue to improve their service and drivers can earn recognition and better pay.

And if something does go wrong, you can report bad behavior to keep everyone accountable. While you may not be able to handpick your Dasher, you can trust that DoorDash and their drivers are committed to giving you the best delivery experience possible.

How Does Doordash Assign Orders

Have you ever wondered how DoorDash assigns orders to their drivers? Well, there are several factors that come into play.

First and foremost, the driver’s location is the most critical factor. This makes sense, as the closer the driver is to the restaurant, the faster they can pick up and deliver the food.

Another significant factor is the driver’s acceptance rate, which impacts their ability to continue working for DoorDash. Dashers are independent contractors, and they have the freedom to accept or reject requests.

However, maintaining a high acceptance rate is crucial in keeping a positive relationship with the company.

Other factors include the driver’s rating, their vehicle type, the delivery zone, and even marketplace conditions such as weather and traffic.

With all these factors in mind, DoorDash can ensure that your meal arrives on time, hot and fresh, and you can relax and enjoy your food.

Does the driver call you when the order arrives?

When it comes to DoorDash deliveries, you may be wondering if the driver will call you upon arrival. In most cases, calling is not necessary since the DoorDash app will notify you when your Dasher has arrived at your location.

Whether you live in a complex or a house, you can easily buzz the driver in or open the door once you receive a notification.

Furthermore, the app allows you to text your driver with additional instructions or any questions you may have, such as if they are having trouble locating your address.

With the recent implementation of contactless delivery due to the COVID-19 pandemic, drivers will follow specific instructions on where to leave your food. You will receive a notification when your food has been dropped off, and the driver may even reach out to you via text message if necessary.

Can You Block a DoorDash Driver?

Food delivery services such as DoorDash have become popular for their convenience and accessibility. However, what happens if you have a bad experience with a driver? Can you block them from delivering to you again?

While you can’t stop a DoorDash driver from working altogether, you can ask customer care to block a driver from delivering to you. This can be done if, for example, you have had a rude or late driver. With this option available to customers, it’s always a good idea to voice any concerns with DoorDash’s customer service to ensure a better experience in the future.

Why is Doordash Not Assigning a Driver?

Doordash has become a popular app for food delivery, but unfortunately it’s not always possible to assign a driver to an order. This can be frustrating for anyone who is hungry and eagerly waiting for their food to arrive.

Some Dashers have left their job due to the lower pay and high cost of gas, which can contribute to these delays. If you are experiencing this issue, there are some things you can do. Check the app to see if there are any issues, and consider ordering from a different restaurant or scheduling your delivery for a later time.

While it may take some patience, rest assured that Doordash is constantly working to match drivers with orders and make your food delivery experience as seamless as possible.

Can You Pick up Your Own DoorDash Order?

Are you looking for a more cost-effective and convenient option for ordering food? Look no further than DoorDash’s pickup service. You can easily place an order at your favorite restaurant through the DoorDash app and choose the pickup option.

Not only will you bypass the delivery fee, but you can also skip the wait for a delivery driver to bring your food to your doorstep. If you’re a DoorDash driver and customer, you may be wondering if you can just pick up your own order to get paid.

However, this is unlikely unless you live in a small town or close to the restaurant. So, next time you’re craving some delicious food, try out DoorDash’s pickup service for a quick and easy experience.


DoorDash is a fantastic way to get a meal delivered right to your door. With the ability to request drivers if need be, or even pick up your order if you prefer, DoorDash offers convenience and safety.

Though assigning drivers can sometimes be hit or miss, rest assured that if you ever run into an issue with a driver, you have the power to block them at any time.

As long as you understand how DoorDash assigns orders and are aware of your capabilities with the system, you’ll have no problem getting your favorite meal anytime, anywhere.

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