How To Clean Makeup Sharpener

how to clean makeup sharpener

Are you someone who puts in a lot of time for your makeup routine every morning? Then you probably have a pencil sharpener at home so you can keep your pencils in good shape. But how often do you clean your makeup sharpener? If not frequently, then there’s a high chance that it’s already very … Read more

How To Clean Coil Packs

how to clean coil packs

Even though a car’s engine might seem like a complex, unfathomable system, it’s really made up of simple mechanical parts. One of the easiest ways to keep your car running smoothly is by keeping those parts clean and well-maintained. If you’re not familiar with what “coil packs” are, they are small cylinders with coils of … Read more

How To Clean Portable Steam Sauna

how to clean portable steam sauna

Portable steam saunas are luxury items that can be used at home or in a spa. Cleaning your portable steam sauna is essential for its long-term use and to prevent the spread of bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms. Follow these steps to clean your portable steam sauna: Clean your portable steam sauna after every use … Read more

How To Clean Diatomite Bath Mat

how to clean diatomite bath mat

Did you know that your bath mat can actually have an impact on the cleanliness of your bathroom? A clean bath mat helps prevent a buildup of dirt and grime. The dirt, in particular, has the potential to carry bacteria and other germs from the floor into your tub. To keep things tidy and hygienic, … Read more

How To Clean Jelly Shoes

how to clean jelly shoes

Are you ready to get your slide on? It’s time to break out those jelly shoes and start sliding. This footwear trend has been making a comeback, especially over the last couple of years. In fact, more and more people are taking up jellies as a hobby or even a career. Whether you’re hitting the … Read more

How To Clean Zak Lid

how to clean zak lid

Keeping your Zak containers organized and clean can be challenging, especially when you’re busy and don’t have a lot of time to spend cleaning them. However, keeping your Zak lids clean is essential to prevent food-borne illnesses from forming. Additionally, if you don’t clean your lids properly, it can significantly shorten their life span and … Read more

How To Clean Mohair Upholstery

how to clean mohair upholstery

In the world of upholstery, mohair and other natural fibres have always been viewed as a challenge. As they are prone to stains and dirt, so keeping them clean and hygienic is not easy. However, with the right upholstery cleaner mohair upholstery can be cleaned easily. Furthermore, when you own a home with a mohair … Read more

How To Clean Gillette Styler

how to clean gillette styler

The Gillette Styler is a brilliant invention that enables men to shave their beards with the precision of a cut-throat razor and finish it with the elegance of a safety razor. Not only does this ingenious device give you the best of both worlds when it comes to shaving, but it also has some nifty … Read more