How To Link Swiggy With Google Pay

how to link swiggy with google pay

When it comes to payments, Indian consumers are always looking for faster and smoother experiences. Google Pay has emerged as the new digital payment platform, making it easier for users to pay directly from their smartphones. If you’re an avid Swiggy user, then you’ll be delighted to know that Google Pay integration is now live … Read more

How To Change Name In Swiggy

how to change name in swiggy

You’ve just started using Swiggy, but you’ve given your name as something else. Don’t panic! It happens to the best of us. Thankfully, it is pretty easy to change your name on Swiggy so that people can find you more easily. Changing your Swiggy profile name is a fairly straightforward process, and you’ll be back … Read more

How To Add Address In Swiggy

how to add address in swiggy

Swiggy is one of India’s most popular food delivery apps. It has a mobile app and a website that lets you order from local restaurants. But, there is an issue with using Swiggy for takeout in India: The app does not have an option to add your address. This makes it difficult for the company … Read more

How To Buy Swiggy Shares

how to buy swiggy shares

According to the latest report by RedSeer, the food delivery market in India is expected to grow from $1.2 billion in 2018 to $4 billion by 2021. While Google-backed food delivery app Swiggy has been one of the main beneficiaries of this boom with its extensive network of restaurants and excellent user experience. So, if … Read more

How To Get Lazypay Option In Swiggy

how to get lazypay option in swiggy

Swiggy, the leading Food Delivery Startup in India has extended its services by enabling leave-behind deliveries. This is to further serve their customers and make them feel comfortable during their time of need. If you have been an avid user of Swiggy, we bet that you must have noticed the Lazypay option in your app … Read more

How To Remove Past Orders From Swiggy

how to remove past orders from swiggy

Swiggy is a famous food ordering and delivery app in India. It has about a million users and offers online food ordering services to all its customers. However, there can be certain situations where you may want to remove past orders from Swiggy. For example, if you are now on a diet or are trying … Read more

How To Get More Orders On Swiggy

how to get more orders on swiggy

There are many ways to get more orders on Swiggy. Some of the most common methods are listed below. 1) Make sure your restaurant is listed on Swiggy and that your menu is up-to-date. 2) Promote your restaurant on social media, using special Swiggy promo codes to give new users a discount. 3) Make sure … Read more

How To Edit Profile Name In Swiggy

how to edit profile name in swiggy

Editing profile name in Swiggy is very simple. You just need to follow the given below steps: 1. Open Swiggy app on your device. 2. Go to Profile settings. 3. Edit your profile name and save the changes. How To Edit Profile Name In Swiggy There is no specific way to edit your profile name … Read more