How To Change Phone Number In Zomato

how to change phone number in zomato

Zomato is an online restaurant discovery and food ordering platform. As a user, you can register on the Zomato website or app using your phone number to log in. But what if you want to change the phone number associated with your Zomato account? Here’s how you can update your contact details on Zomato and … Read more

How To Check Zomato Credits

how to check zomato credits

Zomato is a social networking site for foodies and restaurants. Instead of checking individual user profiles, you can check the credits in your Zomato account to see how many ‘credits’ you have. These credits can help you with things like booking dinner or ordering food online or any other services that Zomato might provide in … Read more

How To Use Zomato Credits

how to use zomato credits

You could say that Zomato has revolutionized the way we look at restaurants. The app has given us a fairly comprehensive list of eateries, both new and old, in our cities. Moreover, it not only helps you discover new restaurants but also book tables at them. If you use the app frequently, you’ll soon be … Read more

How To Rate Zomato Delivery Boy

how to rate zomato delivery boy

Zomato delivery boy is a person who brings the food from the restaurant to your doorstep. There are many things that you need to understand before you rate Zomato delivery boy. The way they conduct themselves and their services will decide if you give them five stars or one star after ordering food again from … Read more

How To Complain In Zomato

how to complain in zomato

Whether it’s the quality of service, food or the ambience, there are innumerable reasons why you may not have enjoyed your experience at a restaurant. It is natural to expect a certain level of customer service as well as an enjoyable meal. However, in the event that something goes wrong, how do you go about … Read more

How To Avoid Delivery Charges In Zomato

how to avoid delivery charges in zomato

If you are an avid user of Zomato, you would have noticed that there is usually a delivery charge listed for all restaurants. The minimum order value usually ranges from Rs. 300-400 and above to avail this offer. If you are someone who frequently orders food on Zomato, it can get quite expensive after a … Read more

How To Use Zomato Gift Voucher

how to use zomato gift voucher

Depending on your frequency of usage, you might have different ways of spending Zomato gift vouchers. If you are someone who uses Zomato almost every other day, then you could use that as a reward for yourself. You could treat yourself to a nice meal and just redeem the voucher If you don’t use Zomato … Read more

How To Delete Zomato Order History

how to delete zomato order history

Keeping your personal information safe is a priority for everyone. With the rise in e-commerce and online services, protecting your personal information has become even more important. Keeping personal information private is especially important when you have sensitive details like your recent purchases or bank details listed on public websites. Fortunately, there are measures you … Read more

How To Change Zomato Password

how to change zomato password

There are many ways to keep your personal information secure while using online services. One of these is to setup a password on your accounts. A password not only helps you keep your personal details safe but also helps prevent malicious users from accessing your account. However, what if you forget your Zomato password? How … Read more