Does Your Uber Eats Acceptance Rate Matter?

Uber Eats is a fast-growing on-demand food delivery service that has brought convenience to consumers and opportunity to independent restaurants around the world. As an Uber Eats driver, you can join in on this booming industry where customers expect both speed and accuracy from drivers — but does your acceptance rate play a role?

Some drivers argue that acceptance rate is important because it can lead to better delivery opportunities and higher pay.

However, there are also arguments against why acceptance rate matters. For example, a high acceptance rate may not necessarily lead to better pay, as some high-paying orders may be available to drivers with a lower acceptance rate.

As an Uber Eats delivery driver, I will take an in-depth look at Uber Eats’ acceptance rate to help you make sense of whether or not it should be something on which your focus.

What is Uber Eats Acceptance Rate?

Acceptance rate is the percentage of delivery requests that you accept as an Uber Eats driver. When a delivery request comes in, you have the option to accept or decline it. If you accept the request, you are agreeing to pick up the food from the restaurant and deliver it to the customer. If you decline the request, it will be passed on to another driver.

For example, if you receive 10 orders and accept eight of them, your acceptance rate would be 80%. Uber Eats drivers have the option to accept or decline an order when it comes through the app.

Does Your Uber Eats Acceptance Rate Matter?

According to Uber Eats, the acceptance rate is no longer displayed in the app because it does not affect a driver’s ability to earn promotions. This means that maintaining a high acceptance rate is no longer necessary to qualify for promotions or bonuses.

Although Uber Eats states that it’s important to accept orders whenever possible and does not track acceptance rate for promotion purposes, this does not mean you should completely ignore your acceptance rate if you want to be successful in the gig economy.

Maintaining a high acceptance rate is still key for providing a reliable service for customers and restaurants alike.

What Do Other Drivers Think?

Many experienced gig workers have a low acceptance rate and focus more on their hourly rate. This is because Uber Eats drivers are independent contractors who are free to accept or reject trip requests as they see fit.

Some Uber Eats couriers on Reddit have shared their acceptance rates, and they range from 5% to 37%. While these drivers have low acceptance rates, they have been able to earn good money because they focus on accepting trips that pay well.

How to Check Your Uber Eats Acceptance Rate?

No longer can you verify your Uber Eats driver acceptance rating through the app. Qualifying for Uber Pro, however, may provide you the ability to see both your current acceptance rating and the amount of ratings you must maintain to get advantages.

An approximate acceptance rate may be calculated by examining the total number of orders you have completed over a period of time and considering how many you have decided to ignore in comparison to those you have accepted.

Will Uber Eats Deactivate Me For Low Acceptance Rate?

Uber Eats does not deactivate drivers for having a low acceptance rate. In fact, your acceptance rate does not impact how many order requests you receive.

However, having a high cancellation rate is one way to get deactivated. This means that it is important to accept trips when you are able to complete them, but you do not need to accept every request that comes your way.

What Is The Minimum Acceptance Rate For Uber Eats?

Uber Eats does not have a minimum acceptance rate. In some markets with the Uber Pro rewards program, you may need to maintain a certain acceptance rate to qualify.

However, for most markets and in general, there isn’t a minimum rate to maintain. This means that you can focus on accepting trips that pay well and fit into your schedule without worrying about maintaining a high acceptance rate.


Your acceptance rate on Uber Eats does not matter as much as it used to. While it is still important to accept trips when you are able, you do not need to worry about maintaining a high acceptance rate to earn promotions or bonuses. Instead, focus on accepting trips that pay well and fit into your schedule, and you can earn a good hourly rate while working as an Uber Eats driver.

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