Grubhub Says Delivered But Not Here

Nothing is worse than ordering food online and then waiting for what feels like an eternity for it to arrive. And then, when you finally get the notification that your order has been delivered—it’s not there! So what do you do when Grubhub says your food is delivered but it isn’t?

What to Do When Grubhub Says Delivered But Not Here

The first thing you should do is contact the restaurant. Ask them if they sent out the food and if so, who was the driver. If possible, give them any additional information such as a description of the car or license plate number that way they can contact their driver as well. They may be able to locate where the driver went in case he/she made a mistake on their route.

You should also reach out to the driver directly. Ask them if they have any recollection of delivering the order to you or if something came up during their shift and they had to switch routes. They may be able to tell you exactly where they left it and offer to bring it back or resend another order at no extra cost.

Finally, reach out to Grubhub’s customer service line at (1)-877-585-1085 and explain what happened with your delivery issue. A customer service representative should be able to work with you on a solution that works best for both parties; this could include waiving fees or giving you a full refund on your order.

Does Grubhub give you a refund?

Normally, you will get a refund.

But, Grubhub’s refund policy, outlined in its Terms of Use, states that refunds may be provided in specific situations, but the process is not as straightforward as some customers would prefer. The company determines whether a fault warrants a refund on a case-by-case basis, and there is no clear information about how they assess fault or the criteria used.

Grubhub does not automatically grant refunds upon request, and they are known for offering alternative solutions such as coupons rather than cash refunds for certain grievances.

Preventative Measures for Customers and Drivers

To minimize the chances of delivery discrepancies, both customers and drivers can take proactive steps:

Customers should:

  1. Provide clear and accurate delivery instructions when placing an order.
  2. Verify their address and contact information.
  3. Track the delivery and be available for contact during the expected delivery window.

Drivers can:

  1. Confirm delivery details with customers when necessary.
  2. Use reliable navigation tools to ensure accurate delivery.
  3. Ensure package security and visibility at drop-off locations to minimize the risk of theft or misplacement.


Dealing with Grubhub when your food isn’t there can be frustrating but there are ways you can get your meal sorted out quickly and easily!

Contacting both the restaurant and driver directly will help get some answers as to what went wrong, while reaching out to Grubhub’s customer service line will provide assistance in getting your problem resolved in an efficient manner. With these tips in mind, hopefully this won’t happen again next time you order from Grubhub!

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