How To Add Co Driver In Zoomcar App

Zoomcar is an online car rental company that allows users to rent cars by the hour, day, or week. Users can reserve cars through the company’s website or mobile app.

How To Add Co Driver In Zoomcar App

In order to add a co-driver in the Zoomcar app, first open the app and then click on the menu button in the top left corner of the screen. Next, select the ‘My Profile’ option and then click on the ‘Co-Driver’ tab. Here, you can enter the co-driver’s name and email address. Finally, click on the ‘Add Co-Driver’ button and they will be added to your account.

-A computer or smartphone with the Zoomcar app installed -A valid driver’s license -Proof of insurance -A vehicle in good condition with a valid registration and inspection sticker

  • Driver” and follow the instructions
  • open zoomcar app and sign in 2. click on the three lines in the top left corner of the main screen 3. select “my profile” 4. tap on “co

-If you are a driver and want to add a co-driver, open the Zoomcar app and go to the ‘Drivers’ tab. -Under the ‘Co-Driver’ section, enter your co-driver’s name and phone number. -Your co-driver will then receive a text message with a link to the Zoomcar app. -Once they have installed the Zoomcar app, they can then sign in and begin driving.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do You Put Co Drivers In Zoomcar?

There is no one definitive answer to this question as it may vary depending on the specific situation. Some possible options include putting the co-driver in the front passenger seat, in the backseat, or even having them ride on the hood or roof of the car.

Is There A Camera Inside Zoomcar?

There is not a camera inside Zoomcar, but there are cameras located around the exterior of the car. These cameras are used for safety purposes and to help keep track of the car’s location.

What Are The Cancellation Charges For Zoomcar?

If you have a reservation and decide to cancel your booking, Zoomcar will charge you a cancellation fee. The fee amount depends on how much advance notice you give before the start of your reservation.


Adding a co-driver is a great way to share the driving and make the most of your road trip. To add a co-driver in Zoomcar’s app, open the app and go to the menu bar on the top left corner. Select “My Trips” and then “Edit.” You’ll see an option to add a co-driver. Fill out their information and hit save.

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