How To Add Multiple Pickup Addresses In Shiprocket

Adding multiple pickup addresses in ShipRocket is very simple. Once you have registered for an account and added your first shipping address, you can add additional addresses under the “My Addresses” tab. To add a new address, click on the “+” button and fill out the required information. You can also drag and drop addresses in the order you want them to appear on your shipping labels.

How To Add Multiple Pickup Addresses In Shiprocket

ShipRocket allows you to add as many pickup addresses as you want. To do this, you need to create a separate order for each address.

-Computer with internet access -ShipRocket account

  • log in to your account on shiprocket. 2. click on the “settings” tab and then select the “shipment addresses” option. 3. click on the “

-You can add multiple pickup addresses to your shipment in Shiprocket by following these steps: -1. Log in to your Shiprocket account and click on “My Shipments” from the top menu bar. -2. Click on the shipment for which you want to add the new pickup address and then click on the “Edit” button. -3. Scroll down to the “Pickup Addresses” section and enter the details of the new pickup address. –

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Book A Shiprocket Pickup?

Shiprocket pickups can be booked through the Shiprocket website. After creating an account and adding your shipment information, you will be able to select a pickup date and time.

How Do I Send A Shiprocket Order?

Shiprocket is an e-commerce order fulfillment company that provides shipping and order management services to online retailers. To send an order to Shiprocket, you will need to create a Shiprocket account and then add your shipping details. Once you have added your shipping details, you can add the products that you would like to ship and select the Shiprocket fulfillment service. You will then need to enter your payment information and review your order.

How Do I Find My Shiprocket Pickup Address?

Shiprocket provides the delivery address on the shipment label.


Shiprocket allows you to add multiple pickup addresses for your shipments. This is convenient if you are shipping to multiple locations. You can simply add the different addresses as shipping addresses and Shiprocket will automatically route your package to the correct destination.

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