How To Add Note To Restaurant On Grubhub

Did you know that you can add a note to your order with Grubhub? It might seem like an insignificant feature, but if you’re ordering food as a group often, it can be a great way to stay organized. Instead of sending back and forth messages or asking friends individually if they would like anything specific on their orders, you can just write it on the Grubhub app.

There are probably going to be times when you want to add a note for your dinner order so that you don’t accidentally order something different than what everyone else wants. Let’s say, for example, you all decide that you want to get salad from Romain O’York tomorrow instead of taco salad from Taco Bell like last time. You could add that little detail in the notes section of the Grubhub website so that no one gets the wrong salad again!

What Can You Add to Your Grubhub Order?

You can add just about anything you can think of to your Grubhub order. Whether it’s a special request for substitutions or allergies, or just a general note about what you’d like in your order, you’re more than welcome to put it in the notes section of the app.

There are a few things that you can’t write in the notes section, though. You can’t ask for specific wait times, specific dates (like if you want your order to be delivered on a certain date or date range), or a guaranteed time for the order to be delivered.

You can only write about specific things related to your order and the way you’d like it served. You could write that you’d like to substitute the lettuce in your salad with spinach or that you’re allergic to something in the salad. You could also write that your friend would like extra blue cheese on their salad or that you’d like to add buttered corn to the side of your meal.

How to Add a Note to Grubhub

As we said above, the first thing you’ll want to do is go to the Grubhub website.

  • Once you’re there, you’ll find the “Your Orders” tab towards the top.
  • You should see a drop-down menu that says “Add a note”. Clicking this will bring up the notes section of your order.
  • You can type in your note in the text box and click “Save” once you’re done.

If you’re making a large order, it’s probably not feasible to write each order with a note. In these cases, you may want to take a screenshot of each order and send it to your friends so they can add their notes or mark what they would like added to their order.

One More Thing…

One great tip for using the notes section of Grubhub is to put the number of people ordering in the notes of your order. This way, if your waiter forgets how many people are eating at the table, they can just look at the order. This could be helpful if you have a lot of people at the table, like in a large family or a large group of friends. You never know when the waitstaff might forget something, so it’s helpful to let them know.

Sometimes, wait times can vary at different times of the day or in different seasons. You could add that you’d like your food to be delivered within a certain time range to keep delivery times consistent and standardized.


There are many advantages to adding a note to your Grubhub order. You can let your waiter know exactly how you want your meal prepared, and you can be specific about how many people are eating at the table. You can also let people know if they can order as many meals as they want.

For example, if you want to order for a large group, you can let everyone know that they can order as much as they want. You can also put the number of people who will be ordering in the notes section so the waiter knows how many meals to bring.

By adding a note to your Grubhub order, you can avoid potential mishaps and make it easier for everyone to get what they want. Whether you’re ordering for a group or just want to be extra clear with the wait staff, adding a note could be the difference between getting exactly what you want and having to send your meal back!

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