How To Avoid Delivery Charges In Zomato

The new year has brought with it many changes in the food ordering game. From upgraded apps to cashless transactions, users now have more options than before to place their orders.

However, these changes do add up to hidden costs that users need to be cautious about. Zomato recently updated its delivery charges and made them mandatory for all users, no matter how small the order.

So if you’re a regular user of Zomato, here is everything you should know about the new delivery charges and how to avoid them.

What Changed In Zomato?

Zomato is one of the most popular food ordering apps with a heavy focus on restaurant discovery and reviews. While ordering food with Zomato has been free since its inception, the new changes have made the delivery charge mandatory for all users. The new delivery charges have been put into place to create a more transparent ecosystem for orders and to ensure that delivery partners are paid on time.

How Much Are The New Delivery Charges?

The previous charges for delivery were calculated on a per kilometer basis and were variable depending on the distance from the selected restaurant to the user. The new delivery charges are a flat rate for all users within the city limits.

So if you’re ordering from within your city, you’ll have to pay only INR 69. However, if you’re ordering outside of the city limits, you’ll have to pay INR 99 as a delivery charge.

Zomato has also introduced a surcharge of INR 50 on orders that arrive after 9 PM. This is to compensate the delivery partners for their night deliveries.

Ways To Avoid The Delivery Charge

If you’re ordering from within the city limits and don’t want to pay the delivery charge, there are a few things you can do. As mentioned above, the delivery charge is mandatory for all users.

If you’re ordering from a restaurant that is close-by, you can walk over and collect your order. If you’re ordering from a restaurant that is far-off from your location, you can ask the restaurant if they can deliver the order.

Most restaurants are open to accepting orders from outside their usual delivery range as long as they are compensated properly for it. If you don’t want to walk or make a special request to the restaurant, you can ask a friend or family member to collect the order for you.

You can also use a service like GoFood that allows you to collect your food from a nearby collection point.


The new delivery charges are applicable to all users and they make up the majority of the costs incurred in a delivery. However, you can avoid paying the delivery charges by opting to collect your order or asking the restaurant to deliver the food directly to you. Zomato allows users to rate and provide feedback about their experiences with the app. As a token of appreciation, Zomato rewards users who regularly leave feedback and suggestions. So if you want to avoid the delivery charges in the future, be sure to give your feedback regularly.

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