How To Buy Dhl Undelivered Parcel

If you have a parcel that was delivered to your home but never made it to your mailbox or front door, DHL may be able to help. This guide will teach you how to buy DHL undelivered parcel and get your package back.

How To Buy Dhl Undelivered Parcel

One possible way to buy an undelivered parcel from DHL is to contact the company directly and inquire about the whereabouts of the package and request to purchase it. Another option may be to search for online auctions or classified ads that are selling an undelivered package from DHL.

It is important that you have the following items before beginning this process: -A valid photo ID -The tracking number for the package -Your credit or debit card

  • Click on “track a shipment”
  • Enter the tracking number
  • Click on “view details” click on “track this shipment” scroll down to the bottom of the
  • Log onto the dhl website

-Check the parcel tracking number to confirm that the package was delivered to the correct address -If the package was delivered to the incorrect address, contact DHL and request that they forward the package to the correct address -If the package was not delivered, contact DHL and request that they send the package to you

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Collect Dhl Parcel?

Yes, you can collect a DHL parcel at the nearest DHL service point.

How Do I Buy An Undelivered Parcel On Amazon?

There are a few ways to buy an undelivered parcel on Amazon. One way is to go to the Order History section of your Amazon account and find the order that contains the item you want. Click on the “Contact Seller” button and select the “I have a question about my order” option. In the contact form, select “Item not received” from the drop-down menu and explain that you are interested in purchasing the undelivered package. Another way is to go to Amazon’s Undelivered Packages page and search for the order number or name of the seller. Once you find the order, click on “Purchase this item” and follow the steps to complete the purchase.

Can I Pick Up My Package Instead Of Having It Delivered Dhl?

Yes, you can usually pick up your package from the DHL location instead of having it delivered.


If you have a DHL parcel that has not been delivered, you can try to track it down by visiting the DHL website and entering the tracking number. If the package is not found, you can contact DHL customer service for help.

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