How to Cancel Grubhub+ Plus Subscription

It can be really frustrating when you’re trying to cancel a subscription and the company makes it difficult to do so. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on how to cancel your Grubhub+ Plus subscription. We’ll walk you through the steps of contacting customer service, visiting your account online, and more. With our help, cancelling your Grubhub+ Plus subscription will be a breeze!

What is Grubhub+

Grubhub+ is an innovative and convenient service from Grubhub that guarantees customers access to zero delivery fees on participating restaurant orders exceeding $12.

At just a low price of $9.99 per month, the subscription service helps people save money and continue to enjoy delicious restaurant food. The 14-day free trial also offers potential users a chance to test out the service with no commitment.

Besides a Grubhub+ financial savings, you should keep in mind other related costs such as taxes, tips to your driver, and any service fees added by the restaurant or Grubhub. With all that being said, it is hard not to get excited about this amazing offer!

How to Cancel Your Grubhub+ Plus Subscription

Log Into Your Account & Go To Settings

The first step is to log into your Grubhub account and then find the settings area. You can typically find this by clicking on your profile icon or navigating to the account setting tab from the top navigation menu. Once you’ve arrived at the settings page, look for an option that says “Grubhub+ Membership.”

View Your Current Plan & Select “Cancel Subscription”

Once you’re on the Grubhub+ Membership page, you should be able to view your current plan and price. From there, select “Cancel Subscription,” which should prompt a confirmation window.

Select a Reason & Cancel Membership

The final step is to confirm cancellation of your subscription. First, you need to select a reason why you want to cancel the subscription. Select any reason and click “Cancel Membership”. After that, everything should be all set and you will no longer have access to any benefits associated with Grubhub+.

Why You Might Want to Consider Cancelling Your Subscription

Subscriptions can be a great way to save yourself the hassle of buying items individually each time you need them. However, there are some situations when it might be better to cancel your subscription and make individual purchases.

One reason for cancelling your subscription might be if the items included in it become too predictable, or not varied enough to remain of interest.

Additionally, if the cost of purchasing individual items becomes significantly cheaper than what was offered in your subscription box, it might be worth considering cancellation.

Finally, if lifestyle changes mean that you no longer require the service – such as moving out of town and no longer being able to access the local food delivery service – then you may want to consider canceling your subscription too.

Why is Grubhub charging me monthly?

Grubhub charges a monthly fee for their service because it’s the easiest and most reliable way to order food. When you use Grubhub, you have access to thousands of restaurants in your area as well as reviews, menus, and deals that make it simple to find exactly what you’re looking for. Plus, Grubhub saves all your previous orders so it’s a breeze to reorder your favorite meal! With easy payment processing and no more waiting on the phone lines, Grubhub makes ordering food a breeze. The convenience they offer is worth the small monthly fee in order to get takeout delivered right to your door.

How to Save Money on Food Orders Without a Subscription

One of the easiest ways to save money on food orders without a subscription is to buy in bulk. Purchasing items such as snacks, drinks, or condiments in larger quantities can often lead to savings. When you are out shopping for groceries, look for deals that offer a percentage off when buying multiple items.

If you can’t find any deals like this locally, large online retailers often provide discounts at checkout when buying multiple products.

Additionally, larger supermarkets usually offer discounts on already discounted products if shoppers purchase five or more of the same item.

Finally, seasonal sales are an excellent time to stock up on food and pantry staples while saving some extra cash.

Tips for Eating In More Often to Save Money

Making the decision to cook meals at home instead of eating out can be a great way to save money. Eating in more often will not only help you save money on expensive restaurant bills, but it also can provide the chance to learn some new recipes or cooking techniques. It is important to plan meals, grocery shop with a list, and look for weekly meal specials in order for it to be successful.

Investing in quality cooking utensils and kitchen gadgets can make dinner-time prep easier and more enjoyable. Preparing healthy meals from home lacks any preservatives or additives found in takeout food, which may benefit overall health too. Given the many potential benefits and savings associated with eating in more often, making a few simple changes could greatly improve your financial future.


Grubhub+ is a monthly subscription service that offers free delivery and other perks on food orders. However, you may want to cancel your subscription if you find that you’re not using it enough to make it worth the price. If you’re looking to save money on food orders, there are other ways to do so without signing up for a subscription. For example, you can order from restaurants that don’t charge delivery fees, or you can eat in more often to save on costs. Whatever route you decide to take, be sure to do your research so that you can make the best decision for your budget and eating habits.

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