How To Cancel Purolator Pickup

If you need to cancel a Purolator pickup, you can do so by calling Purolator customer service at 1-888-744-7123. Be sure to have your pickup confirmation number handy.

How To Cancel Purolator Pickup

To cancel a Purolator pickup, you can either call Purolator customer service at 1-888-744-7123 or go to the Purolator website and click on “Contact Us.” From there, you can select “Cancel Pickup” under the “I Have a Question About” tab.

-Purolator pickup service -Credit or debit card

  • Click ‘order history’ on the top menu bar
  • Locate the order you want to cancel and click the ‘cancel pickup’ button
  • Log in to your account on purolator’s website

– Call Purolator to cancel the pickup – Provide the pickup location and date – Let Purolator know if there is any merchandise to be picked up – Confirm the cancellation with Purolator

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Reject Purolator Package?

If you are not expecting a package from Purolator, and you find one delivered to your home or business, the best way to reject it is to simply write “return to sender” on the package and attach the appropriate postage. Then, leave it in a mailbox or give it to your mail carrier.

Can Purolator Pickup My Package?

Purolator pickup is available for most packages. You can find more information on the Purolator website.

How Do I Cancel Purolator?

The best way to cancel Purolator is to contact their customer service.

In Summary

There are a few ways to cancel a Purolator pickup: through the Purolator website, over the phone, or through a local Purolator depot.

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