How To Change Name On Instacart

Instacart is a grocery delivery app that allows users to shop from local stores and have their orders delivered to their homes. The company also offers a personal shopping service where shoppers can apply to become an Instacart shopper and make money by shopping for other people. Users must complete an application, interview, and training process in order to become an Instacart shopper.

Once you’ve been approved, there are several ways to begin browsing and applying for jobs as a shopper. You will need to create a profile with your real name, e-mail address, and other information.

When you are ready to begin working as an Instacart shopper, we’ll show you how to change your name on Instacart so that your new identity is recognized throughout the app.

Change Your Name On Instacart

Before you begin shopping, you must change your name on Instacart. This will ensure that your new name is reflected in your profile.

To change your name, visit the “My Account” page on the Instacart website, click “Edit Account”, enter your new name, and click “Save”.

Why You Should Change Your Name on Instacart

You should change your name on Instacart for several reasons.

First, you don’t want your friends and family members to be able to find your account and see your shopping history. This could be an invasion of privacy and make it easier for them to discover what you’re eating, what you buy, and where you shop.

Additionally, you don’t want potential employers to be able to find your account and see what kinds of items you’ve been purchasing.

Finally, you want to avoid being associated with your real name if you have a negative shopping history or have been reported for bad behavior on Instacart.

How to Change Your Name on Instacart

If you want to change your name on Instacart, you’ll first need to create a new account. You can do this by visiting the “My Account” page on the Instacart website, clicking “Sign Up”, entering your new information, and clicking “Create Account”.

At this point, you’ll need to start a new shopping career as a new shopper. During the application process, you can enter a different name than the one you provided when you created your original account.

Tips for Using Instacart

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you begin shopping on Instacart:

  • Create a separate email account to use when you are on the app. You don’t want your personal emails to be mixed up with your work emails and purchases.
  • Choose your preferred payment method when you create your account.
  • When you are shopping for other people, you have the ability to change your order as needed. This can be helpful if you need to substitute an item or correct quantities.
  • When you’ve completed your shopping, you can request payment from your account. Instacart pays you directly through your account, rather than sending you a check or giving you a separate payment method.

Final Words

Instacart is a great way to earn money while shopping and helping others save time on their grocery shopping.

If you are looking to supplement your income, or make a little extra cash on the side, the app is worth it. But, if you’re looking for a full-time job, you may want to look elsewhere. You may also want to consider temping or freelancing, especially if you want a more consistent income from week to week. With that said, if you want a flexible schedule and the freedom to shop and earn money on your own terms, Instacart is a good option.

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