How To Change Uberpool To Uber Go

If you’re in an Uberpool and you want to change to an Uber Go, simply follow these steps: 1. Request an Uberpool ride as usual. 2. When your driver arrives, let them know that you’d like to change to an Uber Go. 3. Your driver will cancel the Uberpool ride and create a new Uber Go ride for you. 4. You’ll be charged the normal Uber Go fare, plus any applicable cancellation fees.

4 Steps to Change Uberpool To Uber Go

To change your UberPool ride to an Uber GO, simply open the app and cancel your current ride. Then, re-request an Uber GO. You will be charged the same rate as your original UberPool ride.

There are many reasons why it is important to learn how to change uberpool to uber go. Perhaps the most important reason is that it can help you save money. If you are able to change your uberpool to uber go when prices are low, you can potentially save a lot of money on your rides. In addition, learning how to change uberpool to uber go can also help you get where you need to go faster. If there are no uberpool cars available, changing to uber go can help you get where you need to go much faster.

Step 1: Uber Pool To Uber Go Is A Feature On The Uber App That Allows Riders To Upgrade Their Ride From An Uber Pool To An Uber Go

Open your Uber app and request an Uber Pool. If an Uber Pool is not available, you will be automatically upgraded to an Uber Go.

Step 2: The Feature Is Currently Only Available In Certain Cities

The Uber Pool feature is currently only available in certain cities. If you’re in one of those cities, you can change your Uber Pool settings by going to the app’s main menu and tapping on the “Uber Pool” option. From there, you can choose whether or not you want to be matched with other riders.

Step 3: Riders Must Have An Uber Go Or Higher Ride Option Available In Their City In Order To Use The Feature

In order to change your Uberpool to Uber Go, you must have an Uber Go or higher ride option available in your city. If you do not have this option available, you will not be able to change your ride.

Step 4: The Cost Of The Upgrade Is The Difference Between The Cost Of The Two Ride Options

The cost of upgrading from UberPool to UberGO is the difference in price between the two ride options. To upgrade, simply select the UberGO option in the app and confirm your ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Change My Uber Type?

When you open the app, there will be a bar across the top with different icons. Tap the one that looks like a car with the word UberX next to it.

Is Uber Go And Uberpool Same?


What Is Ubergo In Uber?

UberGo is the least expensive option that Uber offers. It is a basic Uber ride that is perfect for shorter trips.

To Summarize

In order to change your Uberpool to Uber Go, you will need to go into the ‘Settings’ tab and select ‘Uberpool.’ From there, you can choose to either change your destination or cancel your ride.

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