How To Check Aramex Tracking Number

Did you know that Aramex is the leading logistics company in the MENA region? If you’ve used their services before and have noticed their high standards of delivery, you’ll know why. Did you also know that if you want to track your shipment, it can be quite a challenge? There are so many options out there, and it can get confusing pretty fast.

So how do you check Aramex tracking number? Well, we’re here to help! Keep reading for all the information you need about checking Aramex tracking number.

What is Aramex?

Aramex is the leading logistics company in the MENA region. They offer a wide range of services, including eCommerce logistics, transportation and fulfillment, supply chain management, and more. They operate in 17 countries, with over 70,000 employees globally. The company was founded in 1993, and since then has been making great strides towards providing efficient services in the retail shipping and logistics industry. Their website provides customers with useful information about Aramex services, shipping rates, and settlement policies. If you want to track your shipment, you’ll need to know your Aramex tracking number.

How To Track Aramex Shipment?

If you want to track your shipment, you’ll need to know your Aramex tracking number. So let’s see how to find it!

To find your tracking number, navigate to the Aramex website, and log in with your account credentials. Once you’ve logged in, click on the “Track Shipments” button. From here, you can enter the tracking number, or use the “Track Shipment” option.

If you’re using the app, you can also track your shipment by tapping on the “My Shipments” icon. If you’re tracking your shipment with the website, you’ll also see a timer display the arrival time of your package. You can also get alerts on your phone if the shipment is expected to arrive in the near future.

Check Aramex Tracking Number on the website

If you do a quick search on the Aramex website, you’ll find a section that displays all your shipments. You can click on any of these links, and you’ll be directed to the tracking page for that shipment. Each tracking page displays the details of the shipment, including the item description, shipping date, delivery date, and tracking number. If you want to view a shipment that’s not in the “My Shipments” section, you can click on “Track Shipment”, and enter the tracking number.

Check Aramex Tracking Number using the app

If you’re using the app to track your shipments, you can tap on the “My Shipments” icon. From here, you can select the shipment you want to track, and it’ll take you to the tracking page. You can also track the shipment using your tracking number. To do that, tap on the “Track Shipment” button. You’ll be directed to the same page where you enter the tracking number.

Find out tracking number from your transaction receipt

If you’ve used a third-party platform to make an online purchase, the tracking number can be found on your transaction receipt. You’ll also see the expected delivery date and the delivery address. If you’ve used a shopping app like Shopify, or BigCommerce, you can also find the tracking number on your account.


If you want to know more about a shipment, you can also contact Aramex’s customer service team. They are available 24/7, and you can contact them using the “Help” button on their website. Finally, if you want to save time and energy, and eliminate the need to keep track of all your shipments, you can use a shipping management software. A shipping management software can help you keep track of all your shipments, and you can use it to schedule pickups, track shipments, and also create a route for your delivery team.

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