How To Check Uber Eats Messages

Uber Eats is a food delivery service from the same developers as Uber. Once you’ve ordered food, you can check your messages with the app to find out when your meal will be ready, how much it cost and when it’s expected to arrive.

You can also use the in-app messenger function to contact your local restaurant if you have any questions or concerns about specific orders. That said, there may be times when you can’t find the message from an Uber Eats restaurant. Perhaps it disappeared into a hidden inbox; maybe you searched for a message but found nothing. Whatever the case may be, here are some steps that will help you locate those missing messages.

Check for unread messages

The first thing to do is make sure you’ve checked your Uber Eats app for unread messages.

On an iPhone, open the app and scroll through your conversation list until you find your missing message.

When using an Android device, you can find your unread messages by expanding the main menu, tapping “Settings and Account,” then selecting “Messages.”

If you’ve sent and received a lot of messages, it may be difficult to find your unread ones. Fortunately, you can filter your conversation list so that it contains only the unread messages. To do that on an iPhone, open the app, tap on the “i” icon in the top-right corner of the screen, then tap “Filters.” You can then select “Unread,” and only the unread messages will appear.

Find the Uber Eats app’s hidden inbox

Uber Eats is permitted to store messages you send to restaurant representatives in a hidden inbox. That way, you’ll be able to track your message for 30 days. If you can’t find your message inside the main conversation list, you should try searching the app for the restaurant’s name. If you don’t know the restaurant’s name, you can search for the city it’s in. In the Uber Eats app, tap the “i” icon in the top-right corner of the main menu, select “Inbox,” then search for your message.

However, keep in mind that you can only search one inbox at a time. That means you’ll have to close the “Inbox” tab and open the “Conversations” tab to search for other messages.

See which conversations have been sent to your email

If you’ve been using Uber Eats for a while, you may see that some of your messages have been sent to your email address. That’s because Uber Eats automatically sends every message you send out to customers and restaurants to your email address. That way, you can refer back to it later and print it out if you’d like.

You can also use your emails to search for specific conversations. This can be helpful if you’re trying to find a message from long ago and don’t remember which restaurant it’s from. To do this, just open your email, select the “Uber Eats” folder, and look through your emails.

Check your email and search “from:” addresses

If you’ve checked your email and you still can’t find the conversation you’re looking for, you can use a search engine like Google to help you find it. You can search “from:” addresses in your “sent” emails, and this should bring up conversations that you’ve sent with Uber Eats customers and restaurants.

To search your “sent” emails, open your email account, select the “All Mail” tab, then search for “from:” addresses. You can also use the search function in your email client to find conversations.

Bottom line

Chat-based apps have simplified many aspects of life, and food delivery is no exception. When you order food through an app like Uber Eats, you can use the app’s messaging function to track your order, get updates on its progress, and even send questions or concerns to restaurant workers.

However, you may lose track of important conversations if they vanish into the app’s hidden inbox. That’s why it’s important to keep track of your messages and to know where they’re being sent. You can do this by searching for your messages in your sent emails or by searching for “from:” addresses in your sent emails.

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