How To Claim Delta Miles From Enterprise Car Rental

There are many different ways to accumulate loyalty points or miles when renting a car. However, different rental agencies offer different types of rewards. Depending on how frequently you rent a car and where you reside, it might make more sense to join one program over another.

If you live near an Enterprise location, joining their loyalty program might be the best way to accumulate miles towards a free future rental. Keep reading to learn how to claim your reward from Enterprise when renting a car from them.

How To Earn Delta Miles With Enterprise Car Rental

The first step towards earning Delta miles with Enterprise car rental is to sign up for their loyalty program. You can do this online before you pick up your car. You can also do this in person at the counter, but you might be rushed for time and miss important details.

Your next step is to find the best rental car for your needs. Enterprise car rental offers a wide variety of rental cars, SUVs, and vans. Depending on your needs, you may want a compact car, midsize sedan, or SUV. If you have specific needs, check out the Enterprise fleet page to find a vehicle that fits your needs.

Depending on the program you sign up for, you may need to rent a car during certain times of the year. With Enterprise Car Rental, you can earn Delta miles for every qualifying rental. To earn miles, simply provide your Delta SkyMiles number when you book your rental car. For every qualifying rental, you’ll earn 1 mile for every dollar spent. Plus, you’ll enjoy all the great benefits that come with renting with Enterprise, like their award-winning customer service. So start earning those Delta miles today with Enterprise Car Rental.

How To Claim Your Reward

Once you complete the rental and return the rental car, you can claim your reward online or through the app. Depending on the exact program you are signed up for, you may be able to claim your reward as soon as you finish the car rental. After claiming your reward, you can use your Delta miles to book flights on Delta or any of their airline partners. Depending on how many miles you have, you may want to book a one-way or round-trip flight for a discounted price.

If you don’t have enough miles for a flight, you can use your miles to book a stay at one of many hotels partnered with Delta. If you are looking for variety, you might have an easier time finding a flight than a hotel. You can also use your miles for gift cards or travel vouchers from several retailers. Depending on what program you are in, you may have more options available than someone in a different program.

10% Off Every Time You Rent A Car With Delta Miles

Not only will you earn Delta miles with each rental, but you will also receive an additional 10% off each rental. This can make each rental cheaper than average. If you rent a car three times a year, you will save 30% off your car rental. If you rent a car twice a year, you will save 20% off your car rental. If you rent a car once a year, you will save 10% off your car rental.

The Fine Print

While Enterprise car rental is a well-known brand, they are not part of the larger loyalty program. This means they are unable to issue Delta miles directly to your account. If you have signed up for the wrong program with Enterprise, there are a few ways to correct this. If you have proof of your other program membership (i.e. receipt, email confirmation), you can request a one-time transfer between programs. This is a manual process, so it may take a few days to process.

If you don’t have proof of your other program, you can always sign up for the right program. You can’t change programs online, so you will need to visit an Enterprise car rental location to change your program. You can also call Enterprise at any time to have them switch your program manually.

Final Words

If you are a frequent car renter, joining Enterprise car rental is a no-brainer. Not only do you earn Delta miles for each rental, but you also receive an additional 10% off each rental. If you often rent a car for business travel, you can easily rack up enough miles for a free one-way or round-trip flight.

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