How To Clean Dolphin Pool Cleaner Filters

Pool cleaners are a necessary evil for many pool owners. They keep the pools clean, but they also require regular maintenance and cleaning. One of the most important parts of keeping your pool cleaner running is keeping the filters clean. This guide will show you how to clean dolphin pool cleaner filters.

How To Clean Dolphin Pool Cleaner Filters

Pool cleaners are a great way to keep your pool clean and free from debris, but they can also be difficult to clean. One of the most important parts of the pool cleaner is the filter, and if it becomes clogged, the entire machine will not work properly. Here are a few tips on how to clean dolphin pool cleaner filters: 1. Start by unplugging the pool cleaner from the power source. 2. Remove the filter cover and take out the filter

-Pool cleaner -Dish detergent -Bleach -Hot water -Bucket -Sponge

  • Soak the filter in a pool filter cleaner solution for recommended amount of time
  • Rinse the filter cartridge and replace it in the cleaner
  • Remove the filter cartridge from the cleaner and rinse it with water

-Check the filter for debris and remove any that you can see -Soak the filter in a pool cleaner filter cleaner solution for an hour or more -Rinse the filter off with clean water -Allow the filter to air dry before putting it back in the pool

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Clean The Impeller On A Dolphin Pool Cleaner?

The impeller can be cleaned with a brush.

How Do I Clean My Dolphin M400 Filter?

You can clean the Dolphin m400 filter by removing it from the machine and rinsing it under running water.

How Often Should I Clean My Dolphin Pool Cleaner?

A pool cleaner should be cleaned after every use.


Dolphin pool cleaners filters should be cleaned every few weeks, depending on how often the pool is used. To clean the filters, remove them from the cleaner and submerge them in a pool of clean water. Use a brush to scrub off any dirt or debris, then rinse them off with fresh water. Reinstall the filters and run the cleaner for a few minutes to make sure they are properly seated.

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