How To Clean Lipo Foam Pads

When it comes to fat burning and toning, few pieces of fitness equipment are as effective as the Lipo foam pad. When used regularly, these pads can help you burn more calories, improve your cardiovascular fitness, and firm up those problem areas such as the love handles.

However, in order for them to be effective, you need to ensure that your Lipo foam pads are clean and sanitized after every use.

The last thing you want is for germs or bacteria to build up and cause an infection from extended use of these pads. With that in mind, here’s how you can clean and sanitize your Lipo foam pads:

How To Clean Lipo Foam Pads

Step 1: Soak The Pads In A Mix Of Bleach And Water

The first thing you should do when cleaning your Lipo foam pads is to soak them in a mix of bleach and water. You can do this in any large bucket or vessel with a lid. The exact ratio of water to bleach will vary depending on the brand of bleach you choose. You can follow the instructions on the label of your cleaning supplies for the best results.

In general, you should use about four cups of water for each cup of bleach. Put the foam pads in the bucket, then pour the bleach and water mixture over them. Leave the pads to soak in the bucket for at least an hour. This will give them enough time to fully soak and get cleaned.

Step 2: Scrub The Foam Pads With an Abrasive Sponge

Once the pads have soaked, you should scrub them with an abrasive sponge. The sponge should be small enough to get into the pores of the foam, but large enough not to be swallowed whole by the pads. A sponge made from coconut fiber works well for this.

Use a sponge that is not too abrasive, as you don’t want to damage the pads by scrubbing away too much of the material. Start scrubbing from the top of each pad. Scrub down to the bottom, then go back up again. Do this for all of the pads, then pour fresh water over them to rinse away the soap.

Step 3: Sanitize The Pads With Alcohol

After scrubbing the pads and rinsing them with water, you should finish the cleaning process by sanitizing them with alcohol. You can use a spray bottle or a standard spray bottle to do this. You can also pour alcohol directly over the pads, but this will take longer to dry. In either case, make sure that you cover the pads and the surrounding area with paper towels to protect it from any splashes. Once the pads have dried, you can store them safely in their carrying bag until you are ready to use them again.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do You Wear Foams After Bbl?

There is no definitive answer to this question as each individual may have a different recovery timeline. However, many patients report wearing their foam compression garment for around two weeks post-procedure.

When Should I Stop Wearing Lipo Foams?

It depends on individual preferences and body types. Some people find that they stop seeing results from wearing lipo foams after a certain amount of time, while others continue to see benefits. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide when to stop using them.

How Long Do I Need To Wear Lipo Foams?

It depends on a number of factors, such as the size and shape of the area being treated, the type of lipo foam used, and the individual’s skin type and healing process. However, most people find that they need to wear lipo foam for at least several hours per day, and sometimes overnight, in order to achieve the desired results.

Final Words

The Lipo foam pad is an excellent piece of fitness equipment that can help you get in shape, shed some pounds, and feel more confident about your body.

However, in order for it to be effective, you need to clean and sanitize the pads regularly to prevent bacteria buildup. To do this, you should soak the pads in a mixture of bleach and water, scrub them with an abrasive sponge, then sanitize them with alcohol.

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