How To Clean Mohair Upholstery

In the world of upholstery, mohair and other natural fibres have always been viewed as a challenge. As they are prone to stains and dirt, so keeping them clean and hygienic is not easy. However, with the right upholstery cleaner mohair upholstery can be cleaned easily.

Furthermore, when you own a home with a mohair sofa or any other piece of furniture in this material, it’s important to know how to clean mohair upholstery properly. Given that these fabrics are delicate by nature, you must take special care of them to ensure longevity and good looks for many years ahead. Read on to learn more about cleaning mohair upholstery!

Step by Step guide to Clean Mohair Upholstery

Step 1: Find The Right Upholstery Cleaner

Every upholstery material has different cleaning requirements. This is because different materials have different pH levels, chemical compositions, and thicknesses. As a result, certain materials can be cleaned with certain types of upholstery cleaning agents. If you have ever wondered how to clean mohair upholstery, the first thing you must do is find the right cleaner for it. You can do this by reading the label of your upholstery cleaner and checking the ingredients list. This will help you to understand which type of upholstery cleaning agent is best for your mohair sofa. Some of the most common upholstery cleaning agents include:

  • Soil Release Agents: These are one of the best upholstery cleaners for mohair. Soil release agents are specially formulated to remove stains and soil from delicate fabrics such as mohair. They also protect delicate fabrics from dirt and stains in the future.
  • Soap Solutions: This is a mildest upholstery cleaner that is suitable for cleaning mohair fabrics. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, making it safe for use on your mohair upholstery. Soaps are not as powerful as some other cleaning agents, but they are nevertheless effective at removing dirt and stains from mohair upholstery.
  • Solvents: You might have seen terms such as petroleum-based cleaners or citrus-based cleaners on your upholstery cleaner’s label. These are solvents that are commonly used in upholstery cleaning products. They are good for cleaning stains from mohair upholstery.

However, you must always read the label to make sure you’re choosing the right solvent for your upholstery material.

Step 2: Vacuum the Sofa and Pre-treat Stains

The first step in cleaning mohair upholstery is to vacuum the sofa. This is because you need to get rid of any loose dirt and grit from the surface of the fabric, which can prevent upholstery cleaner from getting deep inside the fabric and cleaning it thoroughly. You should vacuum your mohair sofa at least once a week to keep it clean and hygienic.

Once the surface of your mohair sofa has been vacuumed, you can pre-treat stains with a stain remover or upholstery cleaner. Mohair is a material that is prone to stains. Thus, it is common to find spots and stains on mohair upholstery. Some common stains found on mohair upholstery include: Dust, food stains, wine and coffee stains, etc.

Pre-treating these stains before cleaning the rest of the sofa will make the cleaning process more effective. It will also prevent the stains from setting in permanently.

Step 3: Mix the Upholstery Cleaner

Once you have decided on the best upholstery cleaner for your mohair sofa, you must mix it properly. You should mix the upholstery cleaner in a clean bucket. Do not mix the ingredients in the bucket that you use for cleaning other things. The reason is that upholstery cleaning agents can leave stains on the surfaces you clean with them.

The ratio of water to cleaner that you should use will depend on the manufacturer’s instructions. However, most upholstery cleaning agents come with a recommended mixing ratio. Make sure that you follow it carefully to get the best results. There are two ways to mix upholstery cleaning agents. You can mix them manually in a bucket or use a manual or electric shaker to mix the cleaning agent. Depending on the size of your cleaning job, you might find it easier to use a shaker. However, if you are mixing only a small amount of upholstery cleaning agent, it is best to do it manually.

Step 4: Spray and Scrub

Now that you have prepared the upholstery cleaning solution and mixed it in the bucket, it is time to start cleaning the sofa. Start by spraying the upholstery cleaning solution on the mohair sofa. Make sure that you cover all parts of the sofa with the cleaning solution.

Now it is time to scrub the sofa with a scrubbing brush or an appropriate upholstery cleaning tool. Make sure that you scrub the sofa in a circular motion to ensure thorough cleaning of the fabric. The mohair sofa cleaning process is complete when the upholstery is completely dry. However, you can speed up the drying process by using a fan.

Step 5: Blowing Out

After you have scrubbed the sofa thoroughly, it is time to blow out the cleaning solution from the fabric. You can do this by creating some suction with a shop vac or a vacuum cleaner. However, make sure that you do this over a surface such as wood that can get stained. This step is important because it will ensure that the cleaning solution is thoroughly removed from the fabric of the sofa. This will prevent the risk of stains from setting in.

Step 6: Final Rinse and Drying

After scrubbing and blowing out the upholstery cleaning solution from the sofa, it is time to give it a final rinse. You can do this with clean water or a cleaning solution of half water and half vinegar. You can also use a cleaning solution that you have used earlier in the cleaning process.

However, make sure that you use clean water or vinegar to rinse the mohair sofa. This is because you do not want to leave cleaning solution residue behind on the fabric. This can cause staining or discoloration of your sofa. After rinsing the sofa, it is time to pat it dry with a clean towel or a clean cloth. Make sure that the fabric is completely dry before you put the sofa back in place.

After Care for Mohair Upholstery

Now that you have cleaned your mohair sofa, it is important to take care of it to ensure longevity and prevent stains. Given that mohair is a fabric that is very delicate and prone to stains, it is important that you take proper care of it. You can do this by making sure that you vacuum your mohair sofa at least once a week. This will get rid of any dirt or dust that might settle on the fabric and prevent soiling.

It is also important to use a good upholstery cleaner when you clean your mohair sofa. You should always make sure that you are using the right upholstery cleaning agent for your mohair sofa. This will keep your sofa clean and protect it from stains.

Final Words

To clean mohair upholstery, use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove any loose dirt or hair. Blot any liquid spills with a clean, absorbent cloth. If the fabric is stained, use a mild detergent and a damp cloth to clean it. Let the fabric dry completely before using the furniture.

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