How To Clean Portable Steam Sauna

Portable steam saunas are luxury items that can be used at home or in a spa. Cleaning your portable steam sauna is essential for its long-term use and to prevent the spread of bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms.

Follow these steps to clean your portable steam sauna: Clean your portable steam sauna after every use or after it has been exposed to moisture for extended periods of time. Do not wait until the buildup of dirt and residue becomes unbearable before taking action. Keeping your portable sauna clean regularly keeps you from having to spend extra time on maintenance in the future.

How to Clean a Portable Steam Sauna

There are a few cleaning supplies you will need to get rid of the bacteria and molds that can cling to the inner walls of your sauna and make it smell less than pleasing.

Here are the cleaning supplies you will need:

A vacuum cleaner: When using a vacuum cleaner, be sure to clean the filter to maintain the suction power of the machine over time.

A mop and bucket: Use a mop and bucket to clean up water and soap residue that may have dripped inside the sauna.

Bleach: To disinfect your portable steam sauna, add a small amount of bleach to water and use this mixture to soak the walls of the sauna.

Cleaning gloves: Cleaning your portable steam sauna is not a one-person job. Use rubber gloves when handling bleach to prevent contaminated skin from coming into contact with the bleach.

Let the sauna cool down

After you have cleaned the sauna, you may be tempted to start steaming it again. Before you do, however, you must make sure the sauna has completely cooled down. If you start steaming again while the sauna is still warm, the steam trapped inside may cause the wood to expand and crack. Let the sauna cool down before you start your cleaning routine.

Wipe Down the Walls and Floor of Your Sauna

Use a damp cloth to wipe down the walls and floor of your portable steam sauna. Avoid using excessive water to wipe down the walls, as this can cause the wood to swell and expand.

Rinse Out the Water Tank and Drain Strainer

After you have finished cleaning the sauna walls, clean the water tank and the drain strainer. Make sure the water tank is free of dirt and debris that may have collected inside. To clean the water tank, use a small amount of water to rinse out the tank.

Clean the Heater and Ventilation System

Use a small brush to clean the heater and the ventilation system. Do not use water to clean these parts of the portable sauna, as this can cause the materials to break down prematurely.

Disinfect your portable steam sauna

If you want your portable sauna to last for a long time, you must use cleaning agents that can kill bacteria and other microorganisms. You can kill almost all microorganisms with bleach or alcohol. You can also mix the two together to get a better result.

Another cleaning solution that is effective against bacteria is hydrogen peroxide. Mixing a cleaning agent with water will make it function better. There are many ready-to-use cleaning solutions that you can buy to disinfect your portable steam sauna. You can also create your own cleaning solution by mixing together bleach, alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide with water. Be sure to wear rubber gloves while cleaning with a cleaning solution, or your hands may get stained by the cleaning agents.


Cleaning your portable steam sauna is essential for its long-term use. Follow these steps to clean your portable steam sauna: Let the sauna cool down, wipe down the walls and floor of your sauna, rinse out the water tank and drain strainer, clean the heater and ventilation system, and disinfect your portable steam sauna.

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