How To Clean Puffco Plus

Have you ever been so excited to try something new that you put it right away, but then a day later when you went back to use it again discovered that it was covered in lint and didn’t work as well as before? This is why we stress regular maintenance and cleaning practices for any devices or accessories you own. The time and money invested in your puffco plus is worth making sure that it stays functional for as long as possible.

This article will cover everything you need to know about keeping your Puffco Plus in good shape. Best practices, how to clean your Puffco Plus, and how to keep it functioning like new.

Keep Your Puffco Plus Clean

Ideally, you’ll store your Puffco Plus in a case or bag where it’s not directly touching any fabric or other materials that can get stuck in the heating element. You can also use a small piece of paper or cloth to keep it from rubbing against other surfaces. A word of caution – do not store anything in your Puffco Plus’s oven. If you do, you run the risk of causing damage. It’s also important to remove any substance that’s built up on the outside of your device. Dried herb and wax can affect the heat transfer from the heating element and make your device work harder. Use a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth to wipe down your device. Avoid using water or soap, which can leave residue and make cleaning more difficult.

Don’t Shake It Too Much

You might have heard people say that you should shake your Puffco Plus to help distribute the heat. This is not a good habit to get into. Excessive shaking can cause damage to your Puffco Plus’s heating element, which can cause short-circuiting or other damage. If your Puffco Plus is producing sub-par vapour, your first course of action should be to adjust the temperature. Due to the design of the Puffco Plus, shaking it excessively can cause the herb in the chamber to become unevenly distributed, resulting in an uneven and poor tasting session.

Rotate and Replace Your Coils Regularly

One of the ways that manufacturers increase profit is to make their devices with as few replaceable parts as possible. This is why the majority of modern vaporizers come with a non-changeable heating element. This is really unfortunate because you can really improve the performance of your device by simply rotating the coil inside. For example, with the Puffco Plus, when you first get your device the coil will be pointing up towards the front of your device. After a few weeks of use, you will notice the vapour production slowly decreasing. This is because that coil is dirty and needs to be rotated. Rotate the coil to be pointing towards the back of your device and give it a few cleanings with rubbing alcohol. You should notice the vapour production increase again. Rotating the coil inside your Puffco Plus like this will help increase the life of your device.

Dry Burn It Once A Month

Dry burning your Puffco Plus once a month is an important maintenance practice that every vaper should do with their devices. Dry burning means to engage the device without any herb loaded inside. This helps clean out the heating chamber and ensure that no excess herb or matter is left inside the heating chamber of your device. Dry burning your Puffco Plus once a month will help prevent any clogs from forming in the chamber and will keep your Puffco Plus running optimally.


Cleaning and maintaining your Puffco Plus is critical to enjoying it over the long term. It’s also a good idea to clean your Puffco Plus after every use as well. This will prevent any buildup from occurring and help protect the flavour of your herb. If you follow these best practices when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your Puffco Plus, you can expect it to last a long time. This device has been used by thousands of vapers since it was first released and is still going strong. We recommend that you use this device because it is a great vaping device that has shown its strength for many years.

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