How To Combine Orders In Shipstation

Shipstation is a software that enables users to manage and ship orders from various sales channels in one place. In order to combine orders in Shipstation, users need to first create a manual order group. To do this, open the Orders tab and select the orders you would like to include in the group. Once the orders are selected, click the Group button in the toolbar and choose Manual Order Group. After the order group is created, users can then combine the orders within the group by clicking

How To Combine Orders In Shipstation

Shipstation is a shipping software that helps online retailers to manage and ship their orders. It allows retailers to connect to multiple sales channels, including eBay, Amazon, and Etsy, and automatically imports order information from these channels into the Shipstation software. Once orders are imported into Shipstation, retailers can view order information, print shipping labels, and track packages. One of the great features of Shipstation is that it allows retailers to combine orders from multiple sales channels into a single shipment

To combine orders in Shipstation, you will need to have the orders open in separate windows. Next, you will need to select the orders that you would like to combine and then click on the ‘Combine Orders’ button.

  • Select the orders you would like to combine
  • Click the combine order button a new window will open confirming the order has been combined click the ok
  • Log in to shipstation
  • Click on the orders tab

– Make sure that the products you are combining are from the same order – Check that the quantities of the products you are combining are correct – Ensure that the combined order is within the weight and size restrictions for your shipping carrier – Review the shipping options and choose the cheapest or quickest option available

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Combine Two Shipments In Shipstation?

ShipStation allows you to combine two shipments into a single order. This is done by selecting the orders that you would like to combine, and then selecting the “Combine Orders” option from the Actions menu.

How Do I Combine Stamp Orders?

You can combine stamp orders by contacting the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Can Shipstation Automatically Split Orders?

ShipStation can automatically split orders if you set up the order fields correctly. You will need to set up the order fields in ShipStation as well as in your shopping cart.

In Closing

Shipstation offers a variety of ways to combine orders. The most efficient way is to use the “auto-merge” feature, which will automatically combine any orders that are placed for the same product and in the same shipping zone. If there are multiple orders for different products or in different shipping zones, then they can be combined manually.

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