How To Delay A Fedex Shipment

If you need to delay a FedEx shipment, there are a few things you can do. One option is to call FedEx and ask them to delay the shipment. You can also change the delivery date on the shipping label. If you need to delay a shipment for more than a day, you can also contact your local FedEx office and ask them to hold the package for you.

How To Delay A Fedex Shipment

There is no one definitive way to delay a FedEx shipment. Some methods include having the sender call FedEx and request a delay, sending the package to a FedEx office for later pickup, or using a third-party service that delays packages.

To delay a FedEx shipment, you will need to contact FedEx and provide them with the shipment number. You will then need to ask for the delay to be placed on the shipment.

  • log into your fedex account 2. click on “create shipment” 3. enter the shipment information 4. select the “delay delivery” option 5. select the delivery date and time 6. click on

-Contact FedEx customer service to delay a shipment -Provide the tracking number and the desired new delivery date -There may be a fee associated with this service

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Put A Hold On My Fedex Package?

If you are expecting a FedEx package and you know it will not be delivered in time, you can put a hold on the package. To do this, go to and sign in. Once you are signed in, click on “My Shipments” and find the shipment you would like to hold. Click on “hold,” and then enter the date you would like the shipment to be delivered.

Is Fedex Allowed To Search Packages?

FedEx is allowed to search packages but only if there is a reasonable suspicion that the package contains illegal or prohibited items.

Can I Change Fedex Delivery Date?

Yes, you can change the delivery date for FedEx shipments. You can do this online or by calling customer service.


If you need to delay a FedEx shipment, you can use the Hold for Pickup service. This will hold your package at a FedEx location for pickup. You can also use the Reschedule Delivery service to delay your package’s delivery.

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