How To Delete Drop Down List Shipbob

This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to delete a drop-down list in ShipBob.

How To Delete Drop Down List Shipbob

There is no one definitive way to delete a drop down list in Shipbob. However, some methods you may consider include: 1. Clicking on the down arrow next to the list and selecting Delete. 2. Right-clicking on the list and selecting Delete. 3. Pressing the Delete key on your keyboard.

– computer – internet connection – word processor

  • go to the page where the drop down list is located. 2. click on the drop down list. 3. right click on the drop down list. 4. click on delete

-Delete the entire drop-down list -Clear the selection from the drop-down list -Disable the drop-down list

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Create A Shipbob Order?

ShipBob is a fulfillment company that can help you manage your inventory and shipping. To create a ShipBob order, you will need to create a shipping profile and connect it to your Shopify account. Once you have created your shipping profile, you can create new orders in Shopify and they will automatically be sent to ShipBob for fulfillment.

How Do You Use Shipbob?

ShipBob is a shipping company that helps businesses with their shipping needs. They have a variety of shipping options to choose from, and they make the process easy for businesses by handling all of the logistics.

How Do I Remove Items From Shipbob? To remove an item from ShipBob, you can either delete the order in your ShipBob account or contact us to have the order removed.

In Closing

To delete a drop down list in ShipBob, hover over the list and click on the trash can icon.

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