How To Dispute Doordash Rating

Have you ever had a bad experience with a delivery driver through Doordash? Or maybe you’ve felt that your star rating as a Dasher was unfairly impacted by an incorrect review? If so, then this blog post is for you. Here we will discuss the process of how to dispute your ratings on the Doordash platform.

How To Dispute Doordash Rating

Review Your Ratings

The first step in disputing your ratings is to review them and make sure they are accurate. This can be done by signing into the Doordash website and clicking on “My Dashboard.” This will show all of your ratings from customers, with each rating ranging from one to five stars. If any of these reviews are inaccurate or unfair, it’s time to move onto step two.

Contact Customer Support

The next step is to contact customer support. You can do this by navigating to the help center section on the Doordash website and clicking on “Submit Ticket” or “Contact Us”. Once you have filled out all of your information, provide an explanation of why you feel that the rating was unfair or inaccurate and include any evidence (such as screenshots) that may help support your case. Be sure to also include an explanation of why you believe the rating should be changed or removed entirely if necessary.

Wait for Response

Once you have submitted your request, wait for a response from customer service. Depending on how many requests they are receiving, it could take anywhere from a few hours up to several days before you receive a reply. Once you get one, however, read their response carefully and follow any instructions provided if necessary. You may also be able to provide additional information if required or even escalate your ticket if needed.

Follow Up With Customer Service

After following up with customer service, it’s important to continue checking in with them until they have solved your issue and provided an update regarding their decision about changing/removing the rating in question. You can do this by replying directly to their emails or calling/chatting with them through their online support system if available. Following up will ensure that your issue is handled quickly and efficiently so that there are no further delays in resolving it.

Don’t let poor ratings ruin your account – appeal the process to get back in action! Strengthen your case by including photography or video as part of it, and make sure you don’t miss any details – fill out that form quickly while everything is still fresh.

How to Check Your DoorDash Customer Ratings

Discover your customer ratings on DoorDash with these simple steps! Open up the driver app and click “Review” or “Ratings.” You’ll be able to view detailed figures about delivery stats, as well as helpful tips from other Dashers for improving future ratings. Start analyzing feedback today and make sure you’re giving customers top-notch service!

How to improve your DoorDash rating

Being a Doordash driver can bring about many rewards – it’s a great way to make extra money, enjoy flexible hours and interact with people in the local community. But keeping and improving your driver rating is key to a successful business. Fortunately, making sure customers are happy with their deliveries is easy when you follow some simple tips. Be sure to arrive promptly, use efficient map navigation and double-check orders to ensure accuracy. Additionally, be courteous and polite in all customer interactions and always deliver food on time! Conveying confidence that you’re reliable, trustworthy and helpful will pay dividends in the long run as your Doordash driver rating steadily increases.

Your rights when a customer leaves bad feedback

If you feel like you did everything correctly, then you have the right to dispute the bad feedback and Doordash can’t remove it. There’s no way to know why the customer left the feedback. It could be valid, it could be invalid, there’s no way to know so the best thing you can do is dispute it. There’s no way to remove feedback. You can’t even remove your own feedback. There’s no way to know what happened so you can’t change it. Instead, dispute it. Doordash has to remove it and you’ll get a rating of 4.9-5 again.

When you’re at fault

If you are at fault – maybe you left the door open, got the order wrong, or broke something – then the best thing you can do is apologize.

Apologize to the customer and then apologize to Doordash. You can write a comment on the order letting them know you’re sorry and then you can comment on their review letting them know you’re sorry. If something was broken, let Doordash know so they can send a new one.

If you got the order wrong, then you can give the customer a refund and let Doordash know so they can put a note on your account. This way, if this happens again, you’ll get more attention and be put on a list to go through the customer service training again.

If a customer left bad feedback without talking to you, go through their order and let them know you’re sorry. Let them know what you’re going to do about it and then comment on their review letting them know you’re sorry. Doordash won’t be able to ignore that and will most likely remove the bad feedback.

When you’re not at fault

If a customer leaves bad feedback and you know you did everything right, then you can and should dispute it immediately. You don’t have to let it sit there and hope they remove it.

Let Doordash know and dispute the feedback letting them know you did everything right. If they don’t remove the feedback, email the support team at and they will review it. If they feel like you were right, they’ll remove it. If they don’t remove it, you can send a new email letting them know you dispute the feedback and why. Doordash has to remove it then.

Even if you’re a new driver, you can dispute it. Let them know that you didn’t do anything wrong. If you’re polite about it and let them know that you’re not trying to get away with anything, they’ll review it.


Disputing a Doordash rating can be complicated but it doesn’t have to be impossible! By reviewing your ratings, contacting customer service, waiting for a response, and following up periodically until resolution has been reached, anyone who feels like they’ve been unfairly rated should be able to get their problem resolved quickly and easily! By taking these steps now as either as a consumer or Dasher alike can help ensure a better overall experience when using Doordash in the future!

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