How To Do Uber Eats Without Insurance

Did you know that many insurance providers don’t offer coverage for food delivery services like Uber Eats? If your car is being used to make money by delivering food, then your driving-related insurance will likely exclude this as a use of your car. Unfortunately, that means that most drivers won’t be able to get insured if they want to deliver food through their Uber Eats account.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t make money with Uber Eats and drive with them at the same time! Different scenarios may allow you to still do it but without the risks of losing coverage. Read on to learn how to do Uber Eats without insurance.

Why You Can’t Do Uber Eats with Insurance

When you sign up to drive for Uber Eats, you’re doing business with Uber. In this context, you’re not a driver, you’re a business owner. The only difference with owning a restaurant or being an Etsy seller is that you’re using your car and your own time to deliver. Because of this, insurance providers will see you as operating a commercial business and therefore not cover you if you get into an accident while on an Uber Eats run. You’d be considered at-fault just like if you were driving for a commercial delivery service like FedEx or UPS.

How to do Uber Eats without insurance

If you want to deliver food using Uber Eats but don’t have access to a car, or simply don’t want to risk losing your coverage, there are a few options. You can opt to use your own car but do it off the clock. You can also ask a friend or family member if they have a car that could be used temporarily. Or, you can use a rental car that will be covered by your policy.

Using your own car to deliver without insurance

If you use your own car to deliver food with Uber Eats, you won’t be covered by your insurance company. That’s because your car will be considered a commercial vehicle, and therefore won’t be covered by your auto policy. If you drive for Uber Eats, you’re technically considered an independent contractor. This means you’re responsible for maintaining your own commercial car insurance. This can get costly and take time to set up, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience driving commercially. If you just want to do a few deliveries and only have a few hours to spare, you may want to consider another option. However, you could use your personal car without being covered by insurance by only accepting deliveries that are within a certain radius of your home. You may only be able to deliver to nearby customers, but it may be worth it to avoid the cost of commercial car insurance.

Using a friend or family member’s car to deliver without insurance

If a friend or family member has a car that they don’t use often, you may be able to use it to deliver food with Uber Eats without being covered by insurance. This will only work if the car is in good condition and your friend or family member is willing to let you drive it.

Using a rental car to deliver without insurance

If you have access to a rental car, you may be able to drive for Uber Eats with a rental car. While you won’t be covered by your insurance, the rental car company will be. That’s because you’ll be driving the car under their terms and conditions. This means you would be driving the car for your own personal use. The main advantage of using a rental car to deliver food with Uber Eats is that you can use the insurance coverage provided by the rental car company. As long as the car is being driven for personal use, the rental car company will cover any damage to the car.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Uber Eats Affect Your Insurance?

It depends on the specific policies of the insurance provider in question. However, it is generally assumed that using services like Uber Eats does not affect one’s insurance coverage, as long as they are using the service in the same way they would use any other food delivery service.

Can I Do Uber Eats With Someone Else’s Insurance?

Yes, you can do Uber Eats with someone else’s insurance. As long as you are not driving for Uber Eats while your insurance policy is in effect, you should be covered.

Does Doing Uber Eats Make Your Insurance Go Up?

Most likely your insurance rates will not go up if you only do deliveries for Uber Eats. However, if you use your car for other purposes in addition to delivery, then your rates may increase.


Uber Eats has changed the way people get food, and it’s likely that these types of delivery services will only become more popular in the future. This means there’s an opportunity for you to make a good living, but only if you can find a way to do it without insurance.

Find out if the company you drive for will let you use your own car or if they’ll allow you to use a rental car. If they don’t have any options like this, then look for a different company or look into renting a commercial policy.

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