How To Finish The Booking Of Avis

Avis is a world-renowned car rental company that offers its customers quality vehicles and services. In order to book an Avis car, you first need to create a reservation on the Avis website. Once you have created a reservation, you will need to provide your credit card information and complete the booking process.

How To Finish The Booking Of Avis

There are a few ways that you can finish the booking of Avis. You can either go to and follow the steps to complete your reservation, or you can call Avis at 1-800-331-1212 and book over the phone.

-Computer with internet access -A valid credit card -A valid driver’s license -Reservation number or confirmation number

  • Select the car you want click on ‘next’ enter your name, email and phone
  • Go to avis website
  • Click on ‘book now’
  • Fill in your pick up and drop off locations

– Confirm all details of your reservation are correct, such as dates, times and vehicle type – Provide your payment information, if required – Review the rental agreement and T&Cs, and tick the box to agree to them – If you have a voucher or promo code, enter it in the designated field – Click ‘Book now’

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Add A Reservation To Avis?

There are a few ways to add a reservation to Avis. You can either go to and click on the ‘Make a Reservation’ button, call Avis customer service at 1-800-352-7900, or go to a participating Avis counter and speak with an agent.

How Does Avis Check In Work?

Avis checks in using a kiosk or the counter. You provide your name and confirmation number, and your rental agreement is printed.

What Is Avis Wizard Code?

The Avis Wizard code is a sequence of numbers and letters that allow customers to reserve and manage their rental car reservations online.

In Closing

car To finish the booking of Avis car, you need to provide your credit card information as well as your contact details. You will also be asked to choose the rental dates and location.

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