How To Get Instacart Batches First

Instacart is the most popular grocery delivery app that caters to individual customers and businesses. It operates as an independent contractor market for personal shoppers. The shoppers are assigned a list of items to purchase at local stores, which they can choose based on their preferences. With various challenges and opportunities in the Instacart industry, how do you get batches first on Instacart? Read on to find out!

What is a Batch?

A batch is a set of grocery items that a shopper is assigned to purchase. An order consists of a batch and one or more items from the batch. At the end of a shift, a shopper’s batch is paid for the items that he or she has purchased. For Instacart shoppers, a batch could be as small as one item or as large as 30 items. There is no way to know what a shopper will be assigned or how many items will be in an order.

Instacart Shoppers and Batches

Instacart shoppers are independent contractors who are paid per item they purchase at the store. Whether an item is a perishable or non-perishable product determines the price it’s sold for. Shoppers are assigned a batch based on their location, availability, and the number of orders that are currently active. The number of items in a batch will vary by store. For example, a store in a highly populated area may have more items in a batch than a store in a less populated area.

How to get Instacart Batches?

Instacart shoppers are not assigned batches based on seniority or experience. New and experienced shoppers are assigned the same batches in terms of priority. There is no guaranteed way for an Instacart shopper to get batches first, which is the ideal situation that all shoppers want to achieve. However, there are certain steps that will increase your chances of getting batches first.

  • Check your location: If you are too close to a store that has a low batch quantity, it may be hard to get batches. You want to be as far away from the store as possible while still being in a desirable area to shop.
  • Be available: Make sure to log in during times when you are available to shop. Your availability is based on the time you log in, so the more hours you are logged in, the more likely you are to get batches.
  • Customer rating: Your customer rating is the number that shoppers see when they view your profile. It lets shoppers know how good of a shopper you are. Your customer rating has a large impact on your ability to get batches.

5 tips to get Instacart Batches first

  1. Be available during high-traffic times. The hours after people get off work and during the hours before people go to work are peak times for Instacart orders. Customers are most likely to order from Instacart during these times, so it is important to be available during these times.
  2. Avoid shopping at stores that are close to your home. If you shop at a store that is close to your home, you increase the chances of bumping into people you know. Customers also see where you shop, so you may want to avoid shopping at stores that you frequent.
  3. Go to a store that has a high batch quantity. If you are unable to avoid shopping at a store that is close to home, you should go to a store that has a high batch quantity.
  4. Buy a wide variety of items. If you have the opportunity to purchase a large batch, you should buy a wide variety of items so that you don’t have to go back to that store again soon.
  5. Shop off-peak hours. You may be able to avoid going to a store that has a high batch quantity during peak hours if you shop off-peak hours.


There is no one guaranteed way to get batches first on Instacart. However, following the tips provided in this article should help increase your chances of being one of the first to pick up orders. Additionally, it is important to be familiar with the Instacart app and how it works so that you can be as efficient as possible when picking up orders.

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