How To Get Pay Stubs From Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex is a part-time gig that many Amazon employees also use to earn some extra cash. You can sign up for the program as an Amazon employee or with your personal account. Once you’re in, you have access to your own virtual desk, where you manage your assignments and see earnings updates.

Are you an Amazon Flex driver and need to get pay stubs for your taxes? Or maybe you just want to keep track of your earnings. Either way, this guide will provide you with the information you need in order to obtain your pay stubs from Amazon Flex.

What Is An Amazon Flex Pay Stub?

A pay stub is a document that shows you how much you earned and the taxes that were taken out of it. It’s a record of the income you received and how it was taxed so you can keep track of your earnings. It’s like a receipt for the work you put in. It’s not required by law to get a pay stub, but it can be helpful to have one for your records.

If you have questions about your taxes, having your pay stub can be helpful. It shows the amount you earned, how much taxes were taken out, and your net earnings.

Amazon Flex pays by direct deposit, so you don’t get a paper check in the mail. That’s why you get a pay stub in the Flex app. It’s not a traditional pay stub, but it shows the same information.

Gaining Access to Your Digital Pay Stubs

The easiest way to access your paystubs is through the Amazon Flex app. Once logged into the app, tap on the ‘Menu’ icon located in the lower right-hand corner of your device’s screen. From there, select ‘My Earnings’. You should now see a list of all your earnings linked to each delivery block you have completed. Tap on any of these blocks and it will open up a page that shows all your payments as well as other associated payment details such as taxes and tips. At the bottom of this page should be a link labeled ‘Pay Stub’; clicking this link should give you access to a digital copy of your pay stub.

Requesting Paper Copies

If you need paper copies of any or all of your paystubs, then simply contact Amazon Flex customer service either through the app or by phone at 1-877-472-7562 (in U.S.). Amazon support can generate paper copies of one or multiple pay stubs for you, which can then be sent via physical mail or email (depending on how you specify). Note that depending on when and how often you request paper copies, there may be a small fee associated with this service; however, no fee is charged if fewer than 10 documents are requested within a calendar year.

Preparing for Tax Season

In most cases, it is recommended that drivers save their digital pay stubs in preparation for tax season; if needed, these documents can also be printed out and filed away for safe keeping. Drivers should also keep track of any mileage deductions they are entitled to throughout the year so that they can take advantage when filing their taxes. Additionally, drivers may also want to consider signing up for an online bookkeeping service such as Quickbooks Self-Employed in order to keep better track of their earnings throughout the year and ensure that they are properly filing their taxes come April 15th!


That concludes our guide on obtaining paystubs from Amazon Flex! We hope we were able to provide enough information so that drivers have everything they need in order to access their digital paystubs whenever needed or request paper copies should they desire them! By making sure drivers have access to all their documents required come tax time, we hope we can make filing taxes less stressful and more organized.

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