How To Identify An Uber Driver

There is no one single way to identify an Uber driver, as they may vary in appearance and dress depending on their personal preferences. However, many Uber drivers typically have a sticker or emblem on their car that designates them as an Uber driver. Additionally, many Uber drivers will have an Uber app on their smartphone that they can use to receive ride requests.

How To Identify An Uber Driver

The easiest way to identify an Uber driver is by their car. Most Uber drivers use black sedans or SUVs. If you’re not sure if the driver is an Uber driver, just ask them. They should be happy to tell you.

A smartphone or computer, internet access, the Uber app.

  • Make sure the driver is wearing a black uber t
  • Shirt and cap sit in the
  • Confirm that the license plate number matches what’s listed in the app
  • Check the app for your driver’s name and photo

Some things to consider when trying to identify an Uber driver would include looking for a driver with an Uber sticker or emblem on their car, checking to see if the driver is using the Uber app, and asking the driver what company they are driving for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Questions Should I Ask Before Uber Driver?

Some questions to consider asking your Uber driver include: what is the route to your destination, is there a preferred route, can the driver provide an estimate for how long the trip will take, what is the driver’s phone number in case you need to reach them during the trip, and whether they are comfortable with making a stop along the way.

What Should I Talk To Uber Driver?

Some great conversation starters with your Uber driver could be about the weather, what they do for a living, or where they’re from. You could also ask them for recommendations of things to do in the city you’re visiting.

Can I Lookup A Specific Uber Driver?

Yes, you can lookup a specific Uber driver. To do so, open the Uber app and click on the menu bar in the top left corner of the screen. Then select “Help” and “Account & Payment.” Under “Your Trips” you will see an option to “Find your driver.” Enter the driver’s name or license plate number and Uber will show you the driver’s contact information.


Some general tips for identifying an Uber driver include checking the license plate and car make and model. Additionally, riders can ask the driver to show their Uber app and ID badge.

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