How To Link Instacart To Ibotta


If you’ve recently started working with Instacart as an Instacart Shopper or are thinking about becoming one, then you should know how to link your Ibotta and Instacart accounts together. By linking your two accounts together you can get more money back at the end of every shopping trip.

This article will show you how to link your Instacart account with Ibotta so that you can start getting cash back on all of your grocery orders. If you’re unfamiliar with Ibotta and want to learn more about what it is, keep reading. If not, feel free to skip ahead!


What Is Ibotta?

Ibotta is a cash back app that has been around since 2014. With Ibotta, you can earn cash back on groceries, health and beauty products, household items, restaurant purchases, and so much more. You’ll need to download the app, but there is also a website where you can log in and manage your account. You can earn cash back from Ibotta in a few different ways.

First, you can use the Explore tab to find offers from your favorite brands. You can earn cash back from these offers by taking a picture of your receipt. You can also earn cash back by taking surveys, participating in polls, and completing offers. Depending on your location and how much you’ve spent, you can receive between $0.05 and $3 for every offer you redeem. You can redeem your earnings for gift cards, cash, or cash via PayPal.


How To Link Instacart To Ibotta?

To get started with linking your accounts, open up the Ibotta app or website and log in.

  • Once you’re logged in, tap on the menu icon in the top left corner. From there, select “Connect a new account.” On the next page, select “Connect a new account” again.
  • Once you’re on the next page, select “New Account.” Then, select “Instacart” to sign into your Instacart account.
  • If you don’t have an Instacart account, you can select “Create an account.” If you select “Create an account,” you’ll be able to create an account through Instacart.

How Instacart And Ibotta Work Together

Instacart shoppers can add Ibotta products to their shopping lists and earn cash back. By adding Ibotta products to your list, you’ll be able to get cash back on those items. Once you’ve selected an Ibotta product to add to your list, you can choose the quantity. If you’ve selected a product that earns you a percentage back, the more you add to your cart, the more money you’ll get back. Once you’ve added all of the items you want to your cart, select “Use the list for a cart.” Next, select the Instacart option. If you select the Instacart option, you’ll be able to add all of the items from your Ibotta list to your Instacart cart.

How To Get $10 When You First Link Instacart And Ibotta

Once you’ve linked your Instacart and Ibotta accounts, you can get $10 when you spend $10 or more on your first grocery order. To redeem this offer, you’ll need to first link your Ibotta and Instacart accounts. Once you’ve linked your accounts, you’ll need to select the Instacart option when you add items to your Ibotta list. To redeem your offer, you’ll need to spend $10 or more on groceries within 30 days of linking your accounts. You’ll then receive $10 via PayPal.



If you love grocery shopping and want to make a little extra cash, you should consider becoming an Instacart shopper. Once you’ve become an Instacart shopper, you can start earning more money by linking your Instacart account with Ibotta.

You can get more money back from your grocery shopping by adding Ibotta products to your Instacart shopping list. You can also get $10 when you spend $10 or more on your first grocery order. To make the most out of your Instacart experience, be sure to read up on these tips and tricks, and use them to your advantage!

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