How To Lower Trip Fee On Turo

There are a few ways that you can lower your trip fee on Turo. You can choose to have a lower daily rate, choose a shorter rental period, or choose a car that is less expensive to rent. Additionally, you can offer to pick up and drop off the car yourself, which will waive the delivery fee. Finally, if you refer friends to Turo, you can each earn $25 in credit towards future trips.

How To Lower Trip Fee On Turo

There are a few ways to lower the trip fee on Turo. One way is to become a host on the platform. When hosts list their vehicle on Turo, they earn 65% of the trip fee. Guests pays the remaining 35%. Another way to save money on Turo is to book trips that are longer than 24 hours. For each hour after the first 24 hours, guests will pay an additional 10% of the original trip fee. Finally, Turo

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some things that could help reduce your trip fee on Turo include: – Offering to pick up and drop off the vehicle at the owner’s location – Offering to pay for a full tank of gas upon pickup and return – Offering to wash the car before returning it

  • Enter your destination
  • Enter your pickup and drop
  • Check your eligibility
  • Off times: review your price: if you’re happy with the price, select “book now”

– negotiate with the driver to lower the fee – offer to drive the vehicle yourself – split the cost of the trip with others

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Trip Fee?

A trip fee is a fee that some airlines charge in addition to the cost of a plane ticket. The fee is usually charged for passengers who are not members of the airline’s frequent flyer program.

Why Am I Being Charged A Trip Fee On Turo?

There is a trip fee associated with using Turo because the company operates as a peer-to-peer car rental marketplace. This means that people can rent out their personal vehicles to others using the Turo platform. The trip fee helps to cover the costs associated with providing this service, including insurance, roadside assistance, and cleaning.

How Do I Change Rates On Turo?

Rates on Turo can be adjusted by the host, depending on the type of car and the length of time it is rented.


There are a few ways to lower the trip fee on Turo. One way is to select a car that has a lower trip fee. Another way is to invite friends to join the trip and split the cost. Finally, you can wait for promotions to be offered.

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