Can You Make A Second Instacart Shopper Account

Have you ever wanted to make an extra buck by becoming an Instacart shopper? It’s a great way to make some extra money while helping others in your community. But, if you already have an Instacart shopper account and want to create a second one, can it be done?

No, you cannot make a second Instacart shopper account. Instacart has strict policies regarding multiple accounts and does not allow individuals to create more than one account. Creating multiple accounts can lead to account deactivation and other consequences, including but not limited to, potential legal action.

Why Make A Second Account?

The main reason why many people are interested in creating a second Instacart account is for multiple streams of income. For example, if you already have an Instacart shopper account and want to pick up additional shifts during peak hours, having two accounts is the perfect solution. That way, you can quickly switch between accounts as needed without worrying about missing out on any orders.

However, there are other benefits of having two accounts too. For instance, having two different payment methods makes it easier to keep track of how much you’re earning from each order. That way, when tax season rolls around, you won’t have to worry about sorting through all your receipts just to figure out what your total earnings were for the year.

Can You Make A Second Instacart Shopper Account?

Unfortunately, no—creating a second Instacart account is not allowed because it violates their terms of service agreement.

If you need to make changes to your existing Instacart account, you can contact customer support for assistance. Instacart’s customer support team is available to help with any account-related questions or issues.

It’s important to abide by Instacart’s terms of service and policies to maintain a positive and trustworthy relationship with the company. Creating a second account goes against these policies and can harm your relationship with the company, as well as potentially result in legal consequences.

The best thing that you can do is try and find another job on another platform like Uber Eats or DoorDash where this isn’t an issue. However, if that doesn’t work for you then there are still some other options available such as signing up for Refer-A-Friend programs or referring new customers through word-of-mouth marketing.


While creating a second Instacart shopper account isn’t possible due to their terms of service agreement, there are still other ways that you can maximize your profits with Instacart like taking advantage of Refer-A-Friend programs or using word-of-mouth marketing tactics. With these strategies in place, even though creating a second account isn’t allowed by the company directly, it’s still possible for experienced shoppers to get more out of their experience with Instacart than ever before!

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