How To Open Extra Space Storage Lock

Assuming you are talking about a storage unit that you have rented and need to access, the process is generally pretty simple. Most storage units require you to use a key or keycard to enter the facility. Once you’re inside the building, you’ll find your storage unit and use your key or keycard again to open the door. If you’re having trouble finding your unit, the storage facility’s office should be able to help.

4 Steps to Open Extra Space Storage Lock

If your extra space storage lock is not opening, there are a few things you can do to try and open it. First, make sure that the key is inserted all the way into the lock. Sometimes the key can get stuck and not fully insert, which will prevent the lock from opening. Second, try wiggling the key back and forth while inserting it. This can sometimes loosen the key and allow it to turn. Finally, if none of these work, you can try using a lock pick or a paperclip to try and open the lock.

It is important to learn how to open extra space storage lock because it can help you in many situations. For example, if you need to store something in a storage unit and the door is locked, you will need to know how to open it. This skill can also come in handy if you accidentally lock yourself out of your storage unit.

Step 1: To Open An Extra Space Storage Lock, You Will Need A Key

To open an extra space storage lock, you will need a key. The key will be located on the back of the storage unit door. Once you have the key, insert it into the lock and turn it to the right. This will open the lock and allow you access to your belongings.

Step 2: Most Extra Space Storage Locks Are Opened With A Key That Has A Small Hole In The Center

Most extra space storage locks are opened with a key that has a small hole in the center. The key is inserted into the lock and turned clockwise until the lock opens.

Step 3: To Open The Lock, Insert The Key Into The Hole And Turn It To The Right

To open an extra space storage lock, insert the key into the hole and turn it to the right. This will disengage the locking mechanism and allow you to open the door.

Step 4: If The Lock Does Not Open, You May Need To Insert The Key Into The Hole And Turn It To The Left

If the lock does not open, you may need to insert the key into the hole and turn it to the left. This will open up extra space storage so that you can access your belongings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is There A Red Lock On My Storage Unit?

The red lock on your storage unit is likely there to indicate that the unit is currently occupied. This is generally done to deter would-be thieves from trying to break in, as they would know that someone is already using the space.

What Does It Mean When A Storage Unit Is Over Locked?

This generally means that the unit is full and no new rentals can be accepted until someone moves out.

How Do You Take Off A Storage Locker Lock?

There are a few ways to take off a storage locker lock, but the most common is to use a bolt cutter.

To Summarize

The instructions for opening a space storage locker are simple: insert the key into the lock and turn it. If the key will not turn, check to make sure that it is inserted all the way. If it is, try wiggling it around to see if that helps. If it still will not turn, the lock may be frozen and will need to be thawed before the key can be turned.

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