How To Order A Caramel Craze Latte On Doordash

There’s nothing like the sweet and creamy taste of a Caramel Craze Latte from your favorite coffee shop! But what if you can’t make it out to the store?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to miss out on this delicious beverage. With DoorDash, you can get your favorite latte delivered right to your door. Doordash and other food delivery apps are great for when you’re hungry and don’t want to go out or drive to get food. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ordering a Caramel Craze Latte on DoorDash.

How To Order A Caramel Craze Latte On Doordash

Step 1: Open The App And Select Your Restaurant

Open up the DoorDash app and enter in your location. Then, select the restaurant you would like to order from. If your favorite cafe isn’t listed, don’t worry! Just search for it using the search bar at the top of the screen. Once you find your cafe, click on it and see what items they offer for delivery.

Step 2: Add The Items You Want To Your Cart

Once you are on the restaurant page, scroll through the items until you find your beloved Caramel Craze Latte. Click “Add To Cart” and then select any other items that you would like to add to your order before moving onto checkout.

Step 3: Check Out And Place Your Order

When you are ready to place your order, click on “Checkout”. As part of checkout process, review all of the details of your order including time estimates, item descriptions, and estimated costs. Once everything looks good click “Place Order” and wait patiently for DoorDash to deliver your Caramel Craze Latte right to your door!

Tips for ordering a Caramel Craze Latte on Doordash

  • If you select a caramel craze latte from a nearby Starbucks store, you should know that you may have to wait for a bit for your drink to be made if there is a line. Moreover, if there is a barista training or if the store is particularly busy, your drink may take longer to make.
  • If you order a caramel craze latte from a non-Starbucks coffee shop, it will likely be made by a barista. This means that it may take less time to make your drink.
  • You can also order non-coffee drinks like iced caramel macchiatos, caramel macchiatos, or other hot or cold beverages on Doordash.
  • If you are ordering a caramel craze latte that requires two shots of espresso, you should order it with a double espresso instead of a single espresso. This will ensure that your drink is stronger.
  • If you are ordering food, you can select a drink from the drop-down menu or type the name of the beverage that you want into the “select an item” box.
  • You can use modifiers like “extra espresso shot” or “extra caramel drizzle” to ask for certain things to be added to your drink or food item.


Ordering a Caramel Craze Latte with DoorDash is as easy as 1-2-3! In just a few clicks, you can get this delicious beverage delivered right to where ever you are located without having to leave home. So next time those cravings hit for a warm cup of caffeine goodness, turn to DoorDash for easy ordering and fast delivery! Enjoy!

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