How To Pay Dhl Customs Duty Invoice Online

DHL Customs Duty Invoice can be paid online by a credit or debit card. The payment process is simple and easy to follow.

How To Pay Dhl Customs Duty Invoice Online

When importing goods into the United States, you may be required to pay DHL customs duty invoice. This is a fee assessed by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that is charged on goods imported into the country. The amount of the duty invoice will depend on the type and value of the items being imported. To pay your DHL customs duty invoice online, you will need to have a valid CBP account. Once you have created an account,

-Internet access -DHL account -Paid invoice from DHL

  • Hover over the “my dhl” tab and select “shipments”
  • Log in to your dhl account
  • Find the shipment for which you would like to pay the customs duties and click on it

– Ensure that the invoice number is correct and matches the one on the customs declaration form – Make sure that the total amount payable is correct – Enter your payment details – Click on the ‘Pay Now’ button

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Download Dhl Invoice?

You can download a DHL invoice from the DHL website.

How Do I Find My Dhl Invoice?

To find your DHL invoice, go to the DHL website and select “MyShipments.” From there, you can either enter your shipment number or tracking number to view your invoice.

How Do I Pay My Dhl Bill?

To pay your DHL bill, you can either go online or call their customer service line.


There are a few different ways to pay your DHL Customs Duty invoice online. One way is to use the DHL Express website. You can also use the DHL Global Mail website, or the DHL eCommerce website.

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