How To Pay Later On Uber Eats

People have different payment options when ordering from a restaurant via Uber Eats. They may directly pay with their credit card or use an in-app payment method such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.

If you don’t have the money on hand to pay for your meal, it might be worth waiting to order until you can pay later.

There are also third-party apps and websites that offer alternatives to paying with a credit card. This article covers all the ways you can pay later on Uber Eats and receive food at home without having to hand over cash upfront.

4 Ways To Pay Later On Uber Eats

Pay Later with a Credit Card

Most people who want to pay later on Uber Eats will use a credit card. There are a few different reasons why you might decide to pay with a credit card instead of another payment method. The main reason is that you may not have the cash on hand to pay for your meal. If you have a credit card and you’re confident you can pay off the total cost at a later date, then paying with a credit card is a great option.

Other times, people who want to pay later on Uber Eats may do so because they have a rewards credit card. If you pay with a rewards credit card, you’re likely earning points or miles towards free flights or other travel-related items. If that’s the case, you want to make sure you have enough points or miles in your rewards account to cover the cost of your meal. If you don’t, you can always pay with another credit card, like a card you don’t use for rewards.

Using Google Pay or Apple Pay

With Google Pay and Apple Pay, you can easily pay for your meal and don’t even have to enter your credit card information each time. Instead, you can store the card information on your phone, and when the time comes, it will automatically pull from your selected payment method.

To set up Google Pay or Apple Pay, you’ll first need to add your credit card information to your virtual wallet. This can be done on your phone, and it’s quick and easy to do. When you go to place an order on Uber Eats, simply select Google Pay or Apple Pay, and your phone will automatically pull the information from your virtual wallet.

Use a Third-Party Payment Method

There are several third-party payment methods that you can use to pay for your meal on Uber Eats, including Venmo and PayPal. You may want to use a third-party payment method if you want to pay a friend back for their half of the meal or if you want to use one of these payment methods to receive a cash-back reward.

PayPal lets you send money, receive money, and pay friends with a single account. If you pay with PayPal, you can also get cash-back rewards on certain purchases, like food bought on Uber Eats. You’ll need to link your Uber Eats account to your PayPal account before you make a payment.

Set Up an Auto-Pay Agreement

If you have a credit card that offers an auto-pay agreement, you can set up an account on Uber Eats to automatically pay for your meals. Just log in to your Uber Eats account and select the payment method that you want to auto-pay. Once you select the card, you will be able to set the amount and frequency of payments.

The great thing about an auto-pay agreement is that it’s easy to set up and you don’t have to worry about forgetting to make a payment. Just make sure that you have enough money in your account each month to pay for all of your meals.

Pros and cons of paying later on Uber Eats


  • You can earn rewards when you pay with a credit card and use a third-party payment method.
  • You can use a payment method that lets you pay friends or send money to family members.
  • You can link your Uber Eats account with an auto-pay agreement from a credit card.


  • You have to wait to receive the food before you can pay for it.
  • If you forget to pay for an order, you may be charged a late fee.
  • You have to have the cash in your account to pay for your meals at the time of delivery.

Final Words

Don’t forget to factor in the cost of tip when you order food with Uber Eats. Uber Eats allows customers to tip their delivery person at the end of the checkout process, just before they confirm the order.

You can also choose to add a tip to your account at any time during the ordering process by adjusting the slider next to the “Add a tip” option. Be sure to make a payment arrangement before you order food on Uber Eats. With all the ways to pay later on Uber Eats, you’ll be able to get your food delivered without having the cash on hand. Just make sure that you have enough money in your account to pay for your meals.

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