How To Redeem Dunzo Cash

If you are stuck with a large volume of old currency notes, then the first thing that comes to your mind is – what can I do with this now? How can I convert it into something useful or beneficial for me? After all, no one will take these notes as a token of exchange. The next few weeks were going to be extremely challenging for everyone who had hoards of old currency notes.

Thankfully, we discovered an innovative solution – the launch of a new digital economy and its primary instrument – the Dunzo Cash. With this article, you’ll learn about how you can redeem Dunzo Cash tokens and get rid of your old notes by converting them into digital currency.

What is Dunzo Cash?

The new digital economy and its primary instrument – the Dunzo Cash is an initiative by Dunzo (an innovative hyperlocal solutions company) to support their customers by providing them an easy way to redeem their old currency notes. The new Redeemable Digital Cash can be used for availing services on Dunzo’s platform and for bill payments through Paytm. The new cash can be redeemed by logging in to your Dunzo app, adding it to your wallet, and then using it for services, or bill payments.

How to redeem Dunzo cash?

In order to redeem your Dunzo cash, you’ll first need to add it to your wallet. To do that,

  • Login to your Dunzo app, click on the Cash icon in the top menu bar, and then Add to Wallet.
  • Now, select the amount of cash you want to add to your wallet and click on Next.
  • The next screen will ask you to verify your mobile number.
  • Once your mobile number is verified, you’ll be able to add cash to your wallet.
  • Once you’ve added the cash to your wallet, you can use it to pay for any service or bill on Dunzo.

Once you use up your Dunzo cash, you’ll be able to add more cash to your wallet.

What you can buy with Dunzo Cash?

You can use Dunzo cash to pay for services on Dunzo, as well as to make payments on utilities such as electricity, gas, and water. In the coming weeks, we’ll also provide you the option to use it to make payments on toll, and insurance. You can also use your Dunzo cash to add money to your Paytm account. Once you’ve added your Dunzo cash to your Paytm account, you can use it to make mobile recharges, pay for goods and services on partner websites, and withdraw it from ATMs.

Is there any cost involved in Redeeming your Dunzo Cash?

No, there’s no cost involved in redeeming your Dunzo cash. However, you’ll only be able to redeem it if you have an updated KYC details on your Dunzo app.


The new digital economy was a welcome change and brought along with it a whole range of benefits for the consumers as well as the sellers. However, the biggest challenge that lay ahead for customers was to figure out a way to exchange their high-value currency notes for low-value digital cash.

The Dunzo cash came as a blessing in disguise for those who were struggling with this challenge. The redemption of Dunzo cash was a fairly easy process, provided you had an updated KYC details on the Dunzo app.

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