How To Request Paper Bags On Instacart

Shopping at a grocery store is a chore for some customers. You have to get in line, wait to checkout, and pack your bags with heavy items. That’s why online grocery shopping services like Instacart are so popular. You can order your groceries without ever leaving your house…unless you count the thermos of coffee you need to fuel up so you can get back into that virtual supermarket again tomorrow.

To help reduce the environmental impact of disposable plastic bags, many stores now offer customers the option of receiving their groceries in reusable paper bags instead. If you’re an Instacart customer and would like to request paper bags instead of plastic on your next order, here’s how to do it!

How to request paper bags on Instacart

You can request paper bags when you place your order. Before you checkout, click “Change Bag Type” and then select “Reusable Paper Bags”. Keep in mind that the store you’re ordering from may not offer paper bags.

You can always ask your customer service rep if they are available at your selected store. If not, there are other ways to reduce the number of plastic bags you use each year.

Why you should use Instacart with paper bags

There are many reasons to use Instacart with paper bags:

  • They’re Bagged: Paper bags are reusable and can be used for more than one grocery trip. This makes them a sustainable choice for reducing your carbon footprint.
  • They’re Greener: Paper bags are more environmentally friendly than plastic ones.
  • They’re Economical: Paper bags are cheaper than plastic bags, so you can reduce your grocery costs.
  • They’re Convenient: You don’t have to worry about your bags breaking or being too heavy for you to carry them.

How to recycle your Instacart paper bags

If your store offers paper bags, you should use them. If you forget, or if you live in an area where the store doesn’t provide paper bags, you can use these tips to recycle your bags.

  • Use them to Pick Up Trash in Your Neighborhood: Paper bags are perfect for picking up litter in your community.
  • Use them to Pick Up Pet Waste: You can also use paper bags to pick up pet waste in your neighborhood. This will help keep the streets cleaner and your hands cleaner too.
  • Use them as Shopping Bags: You can also use paper bags as reusable shopping bags at the grocery store.
  • Use them as Trash Bags: Paper bags are also a great choice for collecting trash in your home. This can help you cut back on the amount of trash you produce.
  • Use them as Gift Bags: Paper bags are a good choice for wrapping gifts.

Final Words

If you live in an area with limited grocery options, Instacart can be a godsend. You can order your groceries from a wider range of stores, including Costco, Whole Foods, and specialty stores like Sprouts Farmers Market.

You can also order prepared foods, and alcohol, saving you even more time. You can request paper bags on your next Instacart order to help reduce your impact on the environment. This will also help you save money, and give you more options for reusing the bags when you’re done with them.

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