How To See Scheduled Rides On Lyft

Did you know that as a driver on Lyft, you can see your upcoming rides beforehand? This feature is available to you so that you can plan your day and have the best experience driving for Lyft. If you are an active driver, it’s likely that you will have a few scheduled rides coming up soon. Scheduled rides are great because they help you earn more money!

However, if it’s your first time experiencing this feature, it might seem a little overwhelming. Many new drivers ask: “How do I see my scheduled rides on Lyft? Where can I find them? How often will I receive them?” Don’t worry – we got you covered! Here is everything you need to know about seeing your scheduled rides on Lyft.

What are scheduled rides?

When a driver accepts a trip that is scheduled, it will immediately go on the ‘Scheduled’ tab. This feature is only available for the Lyft app for drivers, not passengers. Scheduled rides are a great way to increase your driving hours.

Lyft Pre-Selected Trips are predetermined pickup and drop-off locations that are automatically added to your trip queue. These trips do not have passengers in the car, yet they still count towards your hours. This is great for when you want to increase your hours but aren’t sure where (or when) to drive.

Also, you don’t have to worry about driving around looking for passengers. You will only receive scheduled trips when there are passengers that have requested a ride but have not yet been matched with a driver.

How to see your upcoming scheduled rides on Lyft

Log in to your Lyft Driver app Your scheduled rides will appear in the upper right hand corner under “Upcoming Trips.”

If you only want to see scheduled rides, you can tap the “Hide Pickups” button. If you only want to see pickups, you can tap the “Hide Scheduled Trips” button.

When will you receive your scheduled rides?

Lyft will send you a notification when you receive a scheduled pickup. The notification will either say “New Scheduled Ride” or “New Pre-Selected Trip”.

What to do When lyft scheduled pickup disappeared

If a scheduled ride has disappeared, it means that Lyft has removed it from your queue. There are a few reasons why this might happen.

Anyone who has ever been a Lyft driver has experienced the frustration of the “Hidden Pickup”. You might be driving around, waiting to get the next scheduled pickup. But when you go to your app, you see nothing. No notification, no pickup, no new trip. Ugh, it’s frustrating, right?

Here are a couple of things you can do if you are experiencing this. Let’s say that you are waiting for a “Pre-Selected Trip” to appear in your app. A “Pre-Selected Trip” is similar to a “Pre-Selected Ride” but without the passenger in the car. Pre-Selected Trips are added to your app when a passenger requests a ride but has not yet been matched with a driver.

If you are waiting for a Pre-Selected Trip to appear in your app and nothing shows up, it means that the passenger cancelled their request. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Maybe they were waiting too long for a driver, they changed their mind, they were too busy, or they were just having a bad day and needed a break. Whatever the reason, if you see no pickup in your app, it means that the passenger has cancelled their request and you should move on to something else.


These scheduled pickups are awesome because they allow you to get ahead of the game. You can plan your day around these upcoming rides and be prepared. It’s like having another person – only they are cyberspace!

It’s important to note that not all scheduled pickups will be added to your app. Generally, Lyft will only add scheduled pickups when there are passengers that have requested a ride but have not yet been matched with a driver. The best way to increase your earnings as a Lyft driver is to drive more. If you’re looking for ways to maximize your driving hours, you may want to consider signing up for scheduled rides!

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