How To See Your Reviews On Turo As A Guest

Thinking of renting out your car to make some extra cash? With Turo, you can rent your car and make money while you’re not using it. As a host, Turo lets you set the price, insurance requirements, and other details to let potential renters know what they’re getting before they book with you. As a renter, you can use Turo to find an affordable ride.

As a host on Turo, you’ll have the opportunity to see how your potential renters rate their experience with your car. These reviews are important because they give you insight into what to improve as a host next time around.

Don’t worry — as a guest renting someone else’s car, you won’t be able see any reviews until after your trip is over. Let’s dive in and explore how to view your reviews on Turo as a guest!

Find your trip and view your reviews

If you’ve just completed a trip where you rented a car on Turo, the first thing you’ll want to do is find your trip. Turo hosts are able to view their reviews on the same trip-related page.

To find your trip, click the “Trips” tab at the top of your Turo homepage. Click on “Trips” to see a list of your past trips. Select the trip where you rented a car from another Turo member. Your trip page should load with a summary of the reservation, including dates, mileage, driver, and passenger.

How to find your trip’s reviews on Turo

On your trip page, scroll down and click the “Guest Reviews” tab. Click to view the list of your trip’s reviews. The reviews will appear on a new page, where you can read what your guests had to say about the trip. If you click the “Reviews” tab at the top of the page, you’ll be able to see a list of all your trip reviews. The reviews will be sorted by most recent first, with the most recent review appearing at the top of the list.

View your Turo guest review in-app

You can also view your Turo guest reviews in the Turo app. Once you’ve completed a trip, you’ll be able to see the reviews in the app. Your trip reviews will appear on a separate Reviews tab, right below your trip summary.

See a summary of all your guest reviews on Turo

If you want to see a summary of your guest reviews, you can click the “Guest Reviews” tab on your trip page. The page will expand and show the total number of reviews, along with the average star rating for your trip. All of your trip reviews will appear on a new page. This page will include each review and an average star rating for your trip, calculated from all the reviews. You can also click the “All Reviews” tab at the top of the page to see a list of all your trip reviews.


Reviews are a crucial part of being a host on Turo. They provide insight into the experience of the guest and let you know where you can improve next time.

As a guest, you can see the reviews left by your host, which will let you know if they make driving their car worth it. That said, remember that host reviews are limited to TURO hosts, while guests can be anyone who rents a car from you through TURO. No matter who left the review, they are important – use them as feedback to improve your experience as a driver in the future.

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