How To Send Referral Code In Grofers

Grofers is a grocery and food delivery app that allows users to order from local stores and get the items delivered to their doorstep. The app offers a referral code system, which gives new users a Rs 100 discount on their first purchase, and also rewards the referrer with Rs 100 in Grofers cash.

How To Send Referral Code In Grofers

Referral codes are a great way to get new users for your app or service. Grofers is no different and offers its users a referral code to share with their friends and family. When someone uses your referral code to sign up for Grofers, they get Rs 100 worth of free groceries and you get Rs 100 worth of groceries as well. Here’s how you can send your referral code in Grofers: 1. Open the Grofers app

The required tools or material needed for ‘how to send referral code in grofers’ are a computer or mobile device with internet access, and the Grofers app.

  • Copy your referral code and share it with your friends
  • In the ‘my account’ section, locate the ‘referral code’ tab
  • When your friends sign up
  • Login to your grofers account

– Referral codes can be sent to friends through text, email, or social media. – The code can be entered at checkout to receive discounts on their order. – Codes can also be used to earn rewards such as free delivery or store credit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Send A Referral Code?

Referral codes are typically sent to customers through email, though they can also be distributed through text or social media. Customers can then enter the code when they make a purchase to receive a discount.

How Do I Refer And Earn In Grofers?

Grofers is a mobile app that lets you order groceries and other household items for delivery. You can earn referral bonuses for referring friends to Grofers. To refer someone, open the Grofers app and go to the ‘Invite Friends’ tab. You can then share your referral code or invite your friend via email or WhatsApp. When your friend downloads the Grofers app and makes their first purchase, you’ll earn a bonus of Rs. 100.

How Do I Claim Free Items From Grofers?

To claim free items from Grofers, first create a Grofers account. Next, add the items you want to your cart and proceed to checkout. During checkout, you will be asked to enter your Grofers account number. After entering your account number, the total amount for the order will be reduced by the value of the free items.

Taking Everything Into Account

One can send referral code in Grofers by sharing it through various means such as messaging apps, social media, or email. Individuals can also post the code on their website or blog. When a person uses another person’s code to sign up for Grofers, both the referrer and referee receive rewards in the form of credits.

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