How To Set Cruise Control On Penske Truck

There are a few different ways to set cruise control on a Penske truck. The most common way is to use the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel. You can also set cruise control by using the cruise control switch on the dash.

1 Steps to Set Cruise Control On Penske Truck

To set the cruise control on a Penske truck, first press the cruise control button on the steering wheel. Then, use the + and – buttons to set the desired speed. Finally, press the resume/accelerate button to engage the cruise control.

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Step 1: • Cruise Control Can Help Maintain A Set Speed And Save Fuel • To Set Cruise Control On A Penske Truck, First Engage The Parking Brake • Then, Press The Cruise Control Button On The Steering Wheel Until The Cruise Control Light Comes On • Use The + And Buttons To Set Your Desired Speed, And Then Release The Button • Finally, Press The Resume/Accelerate Button To Engage Cruise Control


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Penske 16 Foot Truck Have Cruise Control?

No, Penske 16 foot trucks do not have cruise control.

Does Penske 16-Foot Truck Have Cruise Control?

I cannot find an answer to that specific question, but all Penske trucks have cruise control according to this website:

Does Penske Trucks Have Cruise Control?

No, Penske trucks do not have cruise control.

Do Ryder Trucks Have Cruise Control?

Yes, Ryder trucks have cruise control.


It is very easy to set cruise control on a Penske truck. First, make sure the cruise control is set to the ON position. Next, use the accelerator pedal to set the speed you would like the truck to travel. Finally, depress the brake pedal to activate the cruise control.

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