How To Ship Aerosol Cans By Ups

Shipping aerosol cans can be a tricky process. Here are some tips to help make it easier: – Make sure the cans are completely emptied and that there is no residue left in them. – Place the cans in a sturdy box and pack it with packing peanuts or newspaper so that they won’t move around during transit. – Ship the package via UPS and make sure to declare that it contains aerosol cans.

How To Ship Aerosol Cans By Ups

Aerosol cans are non-regulated cargo, which means they can be shipped through the mail without any specific labeling or packaging requirements. However, to ensure that your aerosol cans arrive at their destination safely, it is important to follow some basic shipping guidelines. When shipping aerosol cans, it is important to protect them from impact and puncture. You can do this by using a strong cardboard box and packing materials such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts. It is also important to

– cardboard box – shipping label – packing tape – scissors

  • Package aerosol cans in a cardboard box
  • Contact ups and get a shipping quote
  • Pack cans in tightly and fill any spaces with more crumpled paper
  • Line the bottom of the box with crumpled up paper

-Aerosol cans should be placed in a box that is slightly larger than the can itself -The cans should be placed in the box so that they are not touching each other -The box should then be sealed shut -The package should be labeled with “Flammable Liquid – Aerosols”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Ship Aerosol Cans Through Ups?

Yes, aerosol cans can be shipped through UPS.

How Can I Ship Aerosol Cans?

There are a few ways to ship aerosol cans, but the most common is to use a corrugated cardboard box. Make sure to pack the cans securely in the box so they don’t move around and become damaged. You can use packing peanuts or bubble wrap to help protect them.

Can I Ship Aerosol Cans Via Fedex?

Yes, aerosol cans can be shipped via FedEx, but they must be packed in an approved container and labeled correctly.


Shipping aerosol cans by UPS is a safe and easy process. Make sure the cans are properly packed in order to avoid any leaks or damage. Include an invoice with your shipment, and make sure to declare the contents as aerosol cans.

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