How To Track Order In Delhivery Courier

Once you have placed an order with Delhivery, you can track its progress at any time by visiting the website and entering your order number and email address. You will be able to see the current status of your order, as well as any updates that have been made to it. If you need to contact Delhivery customer service for any reason, you can also do so from this page.

How To Track Order In Delhivery Courier

Delhivery is an Indian e-commerce company headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana. It was founded in December 2011 by Mohit Tandon, Sahil Barua, and Kapil Wadhawan. Delhivery operates as a third-party logistics provider for online retailers in India. The company has over 4,000 employees and operates a network of more than 25 fulfillment centers across the country. To track your order in Delhivery courier, you will need to have

To track an order in Delhivery courier, you will need to have the order number and your email address.

  • He/she will ask for signature confirmation
  • Delivery person will come to your house to deliver the package
  • Package tracking number will be mentioned on the receipt you can track the package using the number on delhivery

-The order tracking number can be found on the shipping confirmation email -The order tracking number can also be found on the Delhivery courier website -The order tracking number can be used to track the order status and delivery progress

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Track My Delhivery Package?

You can track your Delhivery package by using the package number or the order number.

What Is The Delivery Time Of Delhivery?

Delhivery offers next day delivery across India for orders placed before 2 PM.

What Is Tracking Id In Delivery?

A tracking ID is a number assigned to a package by a parcel delivery service in order to track its whereabouts. This number can be used to obtain information about the package’s location, such as the date and time of delivery.

To Review

Order tracking in Delhivery courier is very easy. After the order is shipped, the customer will receive an email with the tracking number. The customer can then use this number to track the package on Delhivery’s website.

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