Can You Transfer Swiggy Money to Bank Account

Swiggy is a food delivery platform that gives customers the benefit of placing orders for their preferred meals from nearby restaurants and getting them brought to their homes. The system allows individuals to pay for their orders with a range of payment options, including credit/debit cards, net banking, and UPI. With the increasing popularity of online food delivery services, many users may have unused credit balances stored in their Swiggy account.

Now, Can Swiggy money be transferred to a bank account?

Swiggy does not offer money transfer or withdrawal services. Unused credit balance in a Swiggy account can only be used for food orders. You can’t transfer to a bank account or another account.

Can You Transfer Swiggy Money to Bank Account

Unfortunately, there is no way to transfer money from Swiggy to a bank account. I was really hoping that Swiggy would offer a service that would allow me to take my remaining credit and deposit it into my personal bank account. That would be so helpful as it would allow me to withdraw the credit that I have not used and place it into my bank.

But, Swiggy does not offer a service to allow people to take their remaining credit and deposit it into their bank. This means that people cannot withdraw the credit they have not used and place it into their personal bank.

Alternative methods to use Swiggy money

Even though there is no direct transfer capacity for Swiggy money, it is still possible to use the funds in your account. One method is to pay for your food purchases on the platform. When you proceed to the checkout page, you may pick the option to pay with your Swiggy money. If there is any remaining money in your account after making a purchase, it can be used to cover future orders.

Why Can’t You Transfer Swiggy Money to Bank Account

Swiggy is a platform that offers customers a convenient way to purchase food from local restaurants and get it delivered to their homes, but it does not provide any type of financial services. This means that there is no way for users to transfer their credit balance to a banking account because it is not a traditional financial services provider, and its primary purpose is to provide customers with an easy way to order food. The platform does, however, provide customers with the option to pay for their orders using multiple payment methods, but it does not give any kind of money transfer or withdrawal services.

Can you transfer Swiggy money to Paytm?

It is not feasible to move money from Swiggy to Paytm, as the two platforms do not have a direct transfer option between them. Swiggy allows users to pay for their food orders with Paytm as a payment method, but the platform does not have the ability to transfer the balance to a different platform, such as Paytm.

Customers who have a surplus of credits in their Swiggy account can only utilize them to pay for food orders on the Swiggy platform. If there is any money left over after the purchase, it can be used for future orders. There is no option to move the credit balance to an alternate platform or bank account.

Can I transfer Swiggy money to other accounts

It is not possible to shift money from a Swiggy account to any other one. The platform doesn’t have an option that would permit users to transfer the amount of credit they have in their account to someone else’s account or to a bank account. Basically, the only way customers can use the credit balance stored in their Swiggy account is to pay for their food orders.


At this time, it is not possible to transfer Swiggy money to a bank account. Nevertheless, people can take advantage of their credit balance to purchase food items on the platform. This gives a straightforward and bother free approach to use the unused credit balance and relish scrumptious meals without being concerned about having money in cash.

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