How To Unload A U-Pack Trailer

If you’re renting a U-Pack trailer, you may be wondering how to unload it. Here’s a quick guide: 1. Park the trailer as close to the loading/unloading area as possible. 2. Chock the wheels to prevent the trailer from rolling. 3. Lower the ramp and secure it in place. 4. Start unloading your belongings, being careful not to damage the ramp. 5. Once you’re finished, raise the ramp and secure it in place. 6. Remove the chocks and you’re done!

6 Steps to Unload A U-Pack Trailer

If you’re ready to unload your U-Pack trailer, follow these simple steps: 1. Drive the trailer to your desired location and park it on level ground. 2. Set the brake and chock the wheels. 3. Disconnect the trailer from the tow vehicle. 4. Open the trailer door and lower the ramp. 5. Start unloading your belongings. 6. Once you’re finished, raise the ramp and close the door. 7. Reconnect the trailer to the tow vehicle. 8. Remove the chocks and release the brake. 9. You’re ready to hit the road!

If you are planning on moving yourself using a U-Pack trailer, it is important that you know how to properly unload the trailer. If you do not unload the trailer correctly, you could damage your belongings or injure yourself. Therefore, learning how to unload a U-Pack trailer is essential to having a successful move.

Step 1: Open The Door Of The Trailer And Pull Out The Ramp

Open the door of the trailer and pull out the ramp. Drive the vehicle onto the ramp, and then park it in the middle of the trailer. chock the wheels, and then disconnect the vehicle from the tow dolly or trailer.

Step 2: Drive The Vehicle Onto The Ramp And Into The Trailer

After driving the vehicle onto the ramp, back the vehicle up into the trailer until it is securely in place. Once the vehicle is in the trailer, secure it in place with the provided straps or other materials.

Step 3: Park The Vehicle In The Center Of The Trailer

After your U-Pack trailer is delivered, you’ll need to park it in the center of the trailer so that the unloading process can begin. Once the trailer is in position, the U-Pack driver will begin unloading your belongings and placing them in the designated area.

Step 4: Apply The Brakes

After the U-Pack trailer is in the proper position and the wheels are chocked, it’s time to apply the brakes. To do this, locate the brake valve handle on the front of the trailer and turn it clockwise until you hear air hissing from the brakes. This means the brakes are applied and the trailer is ready to be unloaded.

Step 5: Lower The Ramp

If you’re unloading a U-Pack trailer, the first thing you need to do is lower the ramp. Once the ramp is lowered, you can start unloading your belongings. Be sure to keep an eye on the clock, as you only have a certain amount of time to unload the trailer. Once you’re done, be sure to raise the ramp and secure it before driving away.

Step 6: Close The Door Of The Trailer

This step is important to prevent hot air from entering the trailer and causing the contents to overheat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does U-Pack Trailer Work?

A U-Pack trailer is a self-contained moving trailer that you load and unload yourself. U-Pack delivers the trailer to your home or business, and you have three days to load it. Once it’s loaded, U-Pack drives it to your new location (within the contiguous U.S.) and you unload.

How Does U-Pack Payment Work?

With U-Pack, you pay for the space you use in the trailer. That’s it. No line item charges or unexpected fees. You know exactly what you’ll pay when you get your quote, and we don’t require a deposit.


Unloading a U-Pack trailer is easy. Open the trailer door and use the ramps to drive your belongings off the trailer. Be sure to stack your belongings neatly and in an organized manner to make loading the trailer for your next move easier.

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